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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire [2005] - 5.47

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 2:
Harry Potter-Goblet Of Fire : This is a poor adaptation from the book.Lacking emotion and any sort of heart it casts a cold light on the director and script writers.For a start S.P.E.W isn't mentioned at all.The Barty Crouch story is totally changed.The yule,the elves,Sirius Black....I could go on.However the acting of the main characters needs to be addressesd.Radcliffe sucks.He is placid,stiff and boring.If this is the cream of "new" British acting the rumors of British actings decline are true.Grint comes away with some credit,but Watson's performance here is OTT as it is in The Order Of The Phoenix.Calm down a bit and stop glareing all the time.Try smileing.All is not lost though.Tarrent's performance as Barty is great.Servus Snape is brillantly protrayed as Alan Rickman(the only consistent performer in the series).The new Dumbledore is a little too moody for me.Brendan Gleeson is solid as Mad-Eye Moody.But these pluses can't hide its lack of depth.It leans too much on special effects.(Like Voldemort,Dragon scene,merepeople and the spells themselves of course.)Its a pity.Its one of the better books in the series.

Rating: 5:
Best Potter film : This is ultimatly the best Potter film around, even better than the Order of the Phionix.
This year Harry overcomes challenges in the Triwizard Torniment.
Including the Yule Ball! Harry meets Voldermort at the end, scary.
This DVD is strictly 12 plus, as the end is very scary.
This is definatly the best Potter film - love it!

Rating: 3:
worst in series - but it is a good series : I'll keep this short because long reviews bore the pants off me. Daniel radcliffs acting is not as good as it could be I think Emma wastons is the best of the "Big three". Micheal gambon was great as Dumbledore and david tennet was also good. The best by far was voldemort. But where was sirius? where was the kitchen scene with the elves? where was the quidich game. These were the bits i was looking forward to most other than Voldys return

Buy the prisoner of Azkaban or wait for the new one.

Rating: 3:
Mediocre and misses a lot out from the book : Being a fan of the books I have so far felt the films have never quite lived up to the books but this is the worst attempt yet.

There are some good points :

Rupert Grint puts in a good performance as normal, better than the 'star' daniel radcliffe.

Tennent is phenomenal as barty crouch (for the ten minutes of screen time he gets)

The special effects are fantastic and really bring the action scenes to life

Now the bad point:

The dialogue that was scripted for the characters does not accuratley reflect the book sometimes (Amos's gloating over Cedric being better than Harry is completley missing) this lft me feeling after the end of the film that the character development was minimal and stopped me caring when cedric died are not given the chance to really come to like or know him in the film. I could easily beleive that the script writers had never read the full book but had only read the back and been told what happens by others.

A visual treat but ultimatley unfulfilling, rent it dont buy it.

Rating: 5:
Emotionally packed and incredible special effects : "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is, by now, the best Harry Potter movie in the DVD series. It isn't much of a surprise, since the movies achieve a higher level of excellence as they pass by. The first one was good, the second was great, and the third one was thrilling. The fourth installment in the franchise improves some disappointing factors that affected the third movie (confusing ending; shallow performances), and is a winner from the start.

In matter of action, "Goblet" is much better than ordinary, brainless action flicks. It's got emotion, tension, and incredible special effects. In fact, in matter of effects the "Harry Potter" series has been superb all the way. This time, director Mike Newell abuses much of them to create a spectacular and monstrous fire-breathing dragon, and an intense underwater sequence, filled with amazing creatures. Also, "Goblet" is very surprising and unexpectedly unusual, with female giants and suicidal tasks for young wizards to complete. The Triwizard tournament is perhaps the best thing about the movie, for it adds character development, action, and density to the movie. It is also a reunion of the most spectacular, eye-candy sequences of cinema. The story also gets very dark and elaborate. Voldemort is coming back, and the Dark Mark indicates that.

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