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High School Musical (Encore Edition) [2006] -

The Disney Channel's High School Musical is a combination of backstage action and Grease without the unwholesome habits. Scoring record ratings at the time of its January 2006 broadcast, it's a smash hit with tween audiences (ages 6 to 10), but appealing for all ages. At a New Year's Eve party, Troy (Zac Efron) has a chance meeting with Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) when they share a karaoke song. Lo and behold, when school resumes, they discover that Gabriella has just transferred to Troy's East High School, a campus divided into tight cliques of jocks, cheerleaders, brainiacs, and skater dudes. Eager to recapture the magic they'd discovered during karaoke, Troy and Gabriella consider auditioning for the school's upcoming musical, much to the dismay of the school's frost queen/theater goddess, Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale). Problem is, Troy is also the star of the basketball team and Gabrielle is being recruited to compete in the Scholastic Decathlon. Will they give up their cliques to start something new, or will they do as the show's first big anthem urges and "Stick to the Status Quo"? Well, this is a Disney movie, so maybe the sacrifices won't be that hard, and even the hints of romance are mild.

The bestselling soundtrack is catchy in that Disney-pop kind of way, mixing in a dash of hip-hop ("Getcha Head in the Game," punctuated by squeaky basketball shoes and other sound effects), salsa ("Bop to the Top"), and the endearingly hammy ("What I've Been Looking For" performed by Sharpay and her brother, Ryan, played by Lucas Gabreel). It's not hard to imagine High School Musical becoming a semi-staple for high school groups to perform themselves. DVD bonus features include sing-along subtitles; a 9-minute featurette discussing casting, recording sessions, and rehearsals; a multi-angle look at a rehearsal of "Bop to the Top"; and music videos for "We're All in This Together" and a song that didn't make it into the final film, "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You," performed by Efron, Hudgens, Tisdale, and Gabreel. --David Horiuchi

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
An unexpected success : When I first saw this movie, I thought, 'The songs are pretty mediocre, but you'll definitely be seeing more of these aspiring young actors.' I turn around & suddenly everyone's singing the songs, everyone's saying how much they love the movie & the Disney Channel is parading clips every 20 minutes! All for very good reason.

For the youngsters this is a must-see movie. The music, the lyrics & the choreography are memorable & enjoyable to watch & listen to - I myself can't get the songs out of my head! Adults can easily criticise the singing or dancing, but you have to note that no one expected it to be such a big success. Like all other Disney Channel original movies, creators probably didn't expect global adoration - so why recruit top-notch singers & dancers?

For the majority of the cast acting came first. Zac Efron (as expected) brought so much sincerity to his role; Ashley Tisdale played 'Miss Popularity' to a degree that her renowned role as Maddie in Suite Life was pushed to a completely different world.
Then there were apparent newcomers like Vanessa Hudgens, who blew me away with her beautiful singing voice - she was only a kid!!!

Some may say the singing & acting were far from perfect. But I believe for the entire main cast, that High School Musical was a key stepping stone for them to become actors or singers to be reckoned with. If you've seen any of their other work, then it's time to see them shine in High School Musical - children will be inspired.

Rating: 4:
So Cheesy! So rubbish! I love it!! : This film is one of those that makes you think 'oh my god i think that one of the worst films ever, but it was brilliant!'. The miming is sooooo obvious is hilarious! However the acting is not bad. Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens have great chemistry.
The film is very cringey and cheesy but that is what makes it!
Be warned once you here the songs, especially 'Breaking free', it is impossible 2 get them out of your head, after a while they are very annoying, i just couldnt stop singing!

Rating: 1:
CHEAP, EASY, SHALLOW CRAP! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? : this is possibly the worst film i've ever seen! walt disney must be spinning in his grave. it is total sacrilig that this has disney's name on it. i know its a film for kids, but it's such cheap crap, poor acting, flat singers, horrible songs and is completely depressing. the actors and singers:talantless, the lyrics: shallow and pointless, the film:so bad i felt genuinely nauseus. what happend to the sword in the stone's and the toy story's and dumbos of the world. this is complete trash. im not against modern stuff, but this is modern poop. completely and utterly dreadful. take children to actual disney classics, or at very very least Meet the robinsons, which, even that is poor, but far superior to high school musical. high school musical? more like Mega crap musical! AVOID!!!

Rating: 5:
High School Music is the Best : Hello This is Brenton-Lee Age 20 from Paignton.
I think High School Musical is the Best Musicial Ever in history Is is the best and The Songs are Alsome and Vanessa Anne Hudgens is very Atractive and make me smile every time she sings and Smiles and Acts
10/10 Better than Grease by a mile

Rating: 4:
Suprisingly cool : HSM is a good all round film with cool characters, songs and storylines. The best thing about this though has to be the songs. They're catchy and bouncy and Very addictive. I even get them stuck in my head sometimes. The actors are all really talented and the storys really decent. If you're looking for a good musical comedy/romance buy this film!

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