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Hot Fuzz (2 Disc Special Edition) [2007] - 13.98

A major British hit, a lorryload of laughs and some sparkling action? We'll have some of that. It's fair to say that Hot Fuzz proves that Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's brilliant Shaun Of The Dead was no one-off, serving up a superbly crafted British homage to the Hollywood action movie.

Deliberately set in the midst of a sleepy, quaint English village of Sandford, Pegg's Nicholas Angel is sent there because, bluntly, he's too good at his job, and he's making his city colleagues look bad. The proverbial fish out of water, Angel soon discovers that not everything in Sandford is quite as it seems, and joins forces with Nick Frost's lumbering Danny Butterman to find out what's what.

Hot Fuzz then proceeds to have a rollicking good time in both tipping its hat to the genre films that are clearly its loving inspiration, and coming up with a few tricks of its own. It does comedy better than action, with plenty of genuine laugh-out-loud moments, but it's no slouch either when the tempo needs raising. One of the many strong cards it plays is its terrific cast, which includes former 007 Timothy Dalton, Bill Nighy, Bill Bailey, Paddy Considine, Edward Woodward and Jim Broadbent.

Hot Fuzz, ultimately, just falls short of Shaun Of The Dead, but more than does enough to warrant many, many repeat viewings. It's terrific fun, and in the true hit action movie style, all-but-demands some form of sequel. That said, with Pegg and Wright now with two excellent, and suitably different, genres ticked off, it'll be interesting to see what they do next. A period drama, perhaps...? --Simon Brew

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
Brilliant!!!!!! : I can't believe that anyone could see this film and say it is rubbish. Sure its not serious but that the point of the whole comedy genre. The storyline is fantastically rediculous and the characters equally so. If you like films like anchorman, shaun of the dead, zoolander etc and other masterpieces you will love this film...

Rating: 4:
It's No Shaun, but this is pure fun : Hot Fuzz is an excellent film. I have yet to be dissapointed with this team's work. Hot Fuzz continues the trend of Shaun of the Dead where it pays homage to a genre while creating and developing its own characters and story.

In Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg is a good London cop - so good he is promoted to seargant in a small town where he is supposedly useless because nothing ever happens. His partner is the inept Danny, played by Nick Frost - who is just as funny and a bit more useful than he was in Shaun of the Dead (well, he doesn't screw up as much). Cameos read like a who's who of british comedy with Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, and Bill Bailey making appearances.

A lot of reviewers have stated that this just isn't funny. It's funny, but Pegg and Wright, in penning the script have gone for some big in jokes, carefully inserted that to the regular movie goer, may go over their head. There's also a type of humour here that not every film goer will get. Part of Simon Pegg's success as a comedian is his dry, deadpan delivery. In many ways he reminds me of a young Bill Murray.

This film doesn't seem as successful because the action genre is just not as much in our current mindset as the horror genre. So one liners and fun dialogue exchangers are replaced by a lot of visual gags. Unfortunately, this means the characters aren't quite as developed as they are in Shaun of the Dead. This isn't a big deal - it's an action movie after all - but it was one of the charms of both Spaced and Shaun.

The finale of the film (possible spoiler) however, features a pitch perfect action scene. Here, the filmakers show their range by creating a brilliant action sequence that also has many of their trademark hilarious moments. It's not Shaun funny, but it still shows these guys have a lot more up there sleeves. So what's next - sci fi? western?

Rating: 2:
Just Not That Funny : I've read loads of glowing reviews from people saying this was was of the funniest films ever but I just didn't get it ! Sure , it made me smile in places and had a great cast but nowhere near as good as I thought it would be .

Rating: 5:
Excellent : If i hear one more person say its not as good as Shaun Of The Dead or it just fell short, etc, i will scream.

Shaun Of The Dead was just people hitting and running from zombies.
This was way above that. It had humour, drama, A PLOT, action, it was great, and the plot was excellent.

It may not beat Shaun Of The Dead in the humour element. But it was very funny, and besides, like i say, it had more than humour.

Superb film.

Rating: 2:
hahahaHAHAHA erm no.... : not funny at all....this film is way overrated and dont even get me started about the storyline.....just terrible

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