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House - Season 1 (Hugh Laurie) - 24.98

He pops pills, watches soaps, and always, always says what's on his mind. He's Dr. Gregory House (Emmy nominee Hugh Laurie, Blackadder). Producers David Shore, Bryan Singer, Katie Jacobs, and Paul Attanasio haven't rewritten the hospital drama, but they've infused a moribund genre with new life and created one of TV's most compelling characters.

More than any previous medical procedural, it resembles Attanasio's underrated Gideon's Crossing, but House is lighter on its feet. As fascinating as he is, the show wouldn't work as well if it were all House all the time (that would be like Sherlock Holmes without Watson or Moriarty). Fortunately, he's joined by an intriguing cast of characters, portrayed by a combination of experienced vets (Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein, Tony winner Robert Sean Leonard) and new faces (Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer). Aside from the complicated cases they tackle each week, the sparks really fly when House's brilliant, if nave charges are put to the test--and as the head of a teaching hospital, it's his job to test them (although his tough love approach is constantly landing him in hot water with Edelstein's administrator).

From the first episode, House attracted a talented array of guests, including Robin Tunney ("Pilot"), Joe Morton ("Role Model"), and Patrick Bauchau ("Cursed") as Spencer's father. In addition, Chi McBride and Sela Ward appear frequently (with Ward returning for the second season). Viewers who first watched these 22 episodes will be gratified to note that the music has survived the transition to disc, such as the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want," as featured in both the pilot and season finale ("Honeymoon"). The only apparent omission is the credit theme (Massive Attack's "Teardrop") from the pilot. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 1:
Rubbish! : Not the show, the DVD release. How come Universal can release this in widescreen in the US, but only full screen here? Stinks of the usual contempt Universal show for their customers in the UK! May explain why you can pick this set up for 12 in virtually any store too. Universal probably have a warehouse full of them. Serves them right!

Rating: 2:
Such genius, marred by woeful post production/manufacture. : I would have given this 4 or 5 stars. I caught a few episodes on channel 5 and decided to get the DVDs for the series. Don't get me wrong, the series itself is great. In fact, it's even overtaken Boston Legal in my TV choice. Hugh Laurie is brilliant, most of the support cast is good. Slight variations on plot per episode keep it from becomming stale too quickly. But...

1) One of the discs was faulty. Okay, it happens. I have bought 100s of discs from Amazon and others over the years. This is only my second fault. *Bleep* happens. On it's own, not that much of an issue.

2) As mentioned earlier, the lack of full widescreen support is poor. Personally, I like to have both formats supported. In one room here, especially, I prefer the Pan and Scan 4:3 TV. But, as tntboom points out, given the production history, seems strange not to be widescreen at least.

3) Killer minus point. No subtitles. Though her english is excellent, it is not my partner's first language. Some accents confuse for a while. My best friend is Hard of Hearing. So, for their own reasons, both like to run subtitles onscreen much of the time. In this day and age, for something not in the bargain-bin, it's a dashed bad show to omit subtitles in at least the default audio language; if not the usual gamut of other widespread languages.


Rating: 2:
great series but crippled dvd : first of all i have to say I love the series, unique, touching, funny and fantastically well written,
however what I can't forgive is the release of a modern TV show on DVD in 4-3 aspect ratio, disgarding almost half of the original picture?
it was filmed in 16-9 widescreen, it was shown on British TV in 16-9 widescreen,
so what the heck gives?
I'll buy this series on DVD when it's available in its full 16-9 glory
so its five stars for the show and one star for the DVD product, Universal Pictures shame on you

Rating: 5:
House, But Not On Haunted Hill!! : Hugh Laurie bless your Nike trainers. Only ever seen a few episodes of this on the TV, but rest assured, just a couple of viewings was enough to convince me to buy the box set. Laurie is fantastic as the doctor with the worst bedside manner ever. All round nicely done compelling viewing. TV doesn't come much better than this.

Rating: 5:
Forget ER, House is the one to watch : Brit ,Hugh Laurie breathes new life into the medical genre with HOUSE M.D, the best show in years. Laurie's brilliant performance combined with a great supporting cast and some impressive celebrity guest stars, this has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows. Without any signs of slowing down, I hope House will carry on to many more seasons so viewers around the world can tune in to fabulously fresh and original episodes every week. Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman) handles the material well with a steady hand, shaping the show, while allowing the supporting cast room to breath. The music, pacing, and excellent writing from David Shore make every installment memorable. The DVD has all 22 episodes of the groundbreaking comedy-drama, and that's great to have so much to keep fans satisfied. The digital transfer is excellent too. If only other shows would take notes from House, then there would actually be something else to watch on television.

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