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House - Season 2 (Hugh Laurie) - 24.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Where are the subtitles???? : Lets begin by saying that House is a fantastic, funny, interesting TV show. One of the best.
The quality of picture is very good, also the quality of sound.
The actors are superb (especially of course Laurie). The story has its flaws - especialy in medicine - if you are a medical doctor you will really shake your head at some procedures being done, drugs been used and some absurd diagnoses being made. But I understand it is made because it is a TV show and it is more intersting for audience all over the world.
The major criticism about this DVD is its lack of subtitles. I really cannot understand their absence, because if you are not native speaker of english, the language is difficult (sometimes fast, somtimes very medical) and the subtitles would really come handy. Thats why I give it a 4 star.

Rating: 4:
Improvement on series 1 : Not the quality of the program, the quality of the set. At least this time we get a widescreen release, and not the shoddy pan & scan we got on the series 1 release!! Pity the outer box is such rubbish quality. Why do Region 2 releases have such nasty bulky boxes, whilst the Region 1 equivalents are slimline and so easy to store? Perhaps Universal think it gives us a sense of getting more for our money? Well, it should do when they charge up to double the price for some Region 2 releases. Great series, good DVDs, lousy quality outer box. At least you can pick it up dead cheap now. Universal suck!

Rating: 2:
Worthy follow on from season 1. But..... : I would have given this 4 or 5 stars. I caught a few episodes on channel 5 and decided to get the DVDs for the series. Don't get me wrong, the series itself is great. In fact, it's even overtaken Boston Legal in my TV choice. Hugh Laurie is brilliant, most of the support cast is good. Slight variations on plot per episode keep it from becomming stale too quickly. But...

Support for Widescreen? 'nuff said.

Killer minus point. No subtitles. Though her english is excellent, it is not my partner's first language. Some accents confuse for a while. My best friend is Hard of Hearing. So, for their own reasons, both like to run subtitles onscreen much of the time. In this day and age, for something not in the bargain-bin, it's a dashed bad show to omit subtitles in at least the default audio language; if not the usual gamut of other widespread languages.


Rating: 3:
Laurie carries the show : As a proud TV-series Junkie, House M.D. didn't pass me unnoticed. In the beginning, I was absolutely thrilled. Hugh Laurie posing as an eccentric genius cripple doctor, included with black belt sarcasm was a real refreshment to the 13 in a dozen main characters new shows usually offer. I often found myself doubling over by his one-liners (Hugh's timing is impeccable.)

The patient (a.k.a. the puzzle) was always interesting and I always found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what they would come up with this time. The supporting cast is nice, (supporting being the key word) Camaron is a pretty lady who has the tendency to go all golden retriever on the poor patients, Chase has, as quoted: pretty hair, and Foreman is the guy with the biggest mouth of all 3. All in all, nice characters with great potential.

So there's my complaint: why isn't that acted upon? There's barely any character development throughout the season, and every episode follows the same strict formula:
1. patient goes down with strange illness, is wheeled into the hospital. 2. House is assigned to play Sherlock with his merry band of helpers. 3. Initially, everything they dish out is not working or even worsening the condition, 4. house finally finds the key 5, figuring it out in his genius mind while whirling his cane or jojo. problem solved.

Now I'm not saying that's bad. The show is good, and anyone looking for some comic relief, without an actual comedy should certainly watch this. The problem is that the show isn't "great" like it could've been.

I wish they'd put in some episodes not revolving about some interesting illness. Maybe they should follow ER's example. The best ER episode, in my opinion (I wish I could tell you the name, but don't remember) was the one where the main characters were stuck in an empty building during a snowstorm, initially going there to attend a lecture. Forced to sit out the storm, they entertain themselves. Result: some great character exploration. For once they weren't doctors dishing out difficult to pronounce names and walking around in white coats: they were people.

And that's really what I'd like to see on House. Just an Ep outside of the hospital. Some different storytelling. Wouldn't it be great to have the whole merry band (House, Wilson, Cuddy + the 3 ducklings) together in a situation that didn't involve any illness? Sure, the makers of th show often show us glimpses into their lives outside the hospital, but they're all too interesting to just leave it at that.

By now we've come down to the final and most important question:
"Should you buy this?"
If you're looking for an entertaining show with good actors, an acceptable, though thin plot, a main character who is an eccentric genius (and all the witty oneliners you'll ever need) then this is your show. If you're looking for something with more depth, then you might just watch it on tv first to make a conclusion.

Rating: 5:
Hugh's fantastic : Possibly the best medical drama on tv.

This is an undiscovered gem, dont listen to the "quincy" idiot, just buy it to see Hugh Lauries unbelievable performance

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