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Independence Day [1996] - 2.97

In Independence Day, a scientist played by Jeff Goldblum once actually had a fistfight with a man (Bill Pullman) who is now president of the United States. That same president, late in the film, personally flies a jet fighter to deliver a payload of missiles against an attack by extraterrestrials. Independence Day is the kind of movie so giddy with its own outrageousness that one doesn't even blink at such howlers in the plot. Directed by Roland Emmerich, Independence Day is a pastiche of conventions from flying-saucer movies from the 1940s and 1950s, replete with icky monsters and bizarre coincidences that create convenient shortcuts in the story. (Such as the way the girlfriend of one of the film's heroes--played by Will Smith--just happens to run across the president's injured wife, who are then both rescued by Smith's character who somehow runs across them in alien-ravaged Los Angeles County.) The movie is just sheer fun, aided by a cast that knows how to balance the retro requirements of the genre with a more contemporary feel. --Tom Keogh

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 4:
Jolly good fun : A film that will make you laugh even though its in the disaster movie genre. Will Smith is his usual cool self and the fast pace and terrific special effects are going to keep you awake from start to finish.

Definitely a movie for a few friends and a large bowl of popcorn.

Rating: 2:
Laughable : Spectacular special effects, granted, but I can only give this 2 stars because it gathers so many brilliantly un-intentional laughs. I watched this on a coach with a load of friends, and we were just laughing our minds out at how many oh-so-convienient traps the makers fell into. Shamelessly predictable and not worth watching purely because of the laughs.

Rating: 3:
Switch off your brain and enjoy the action : This film is not for those looking for something deep and meaningfull it is very predictable and shallow but the action and effects are very good.

There is not a great deal can be said about this film, it is fun to watch and the acting is ok.

This film has one main drawback to anyone outside USA - it has a bit too much 'God bless America' in it. The film implies that the rest of the world is completely helpless until the 'mighty' US of A comes to the rescue of us all! however if you can ignore this then the film becomes an ok summer blockbuster action film but is never more than that!

Overall this is very average and i would only recomend this to fans of the Genre or Will Smith

Rating: 4:
This is brain candy, not brain food : Independence Day is made in the style and tradition of the 50's B-movies like "It Came From Outer Space". It's not supposed to be a deep philosophical discussion about Man Against The Universe, nor an attempt to seriously visualize the possible consequences of alien invasion. It's meant to be good fun, watching Our Heroes struggle valiantly against The Evil Alien Hordes. This is brain candy, not brain food. Accept it as such and enjoy it. If you're looking for Proust in film form, you're doomed to disappointment. If you're not, then you should be able to enjoy the White House being blown up, a jarhead fighter jock gloating as he gets to drive something really cool, and yes, even the cheesy reference to 2001: A Space Odyessey" and the concept of a Powerbook being able to bring down an alien computer network should not dampen your enjoyment. Take it for what it is - fluff made on a big scale.

Rating: 4:
Entertaining : Without wishing to read between the lines too much with this film (I think a few have) this should be taken far more at face value. Namely, this was released as a Hollywood blockbuster and for its time it was. Set with humans realising that we are not alone gigantic alien craft appear over every major city in the World. Bill Pullman plays the youthful American president who chooses not to respond with immediate military strikes (perhaps the notion that an American president wouldn't try and destroy these craft it the most unrealistic aspect of the film!) Deciding to wait and see eventually it becomes obvious that the craft are indeed piloted by beings intent on destroying Earth as we know it - if only we did have a gungho American President!!!) The battle goes badly with advanced technology that human kind can't match. That is until Jeff Goldblum (the computer wizard) and Will Smith (the brilliant pilot) combine their skills to bring down the mothership as well as every other Alien craft. Of course the Americans save the World but hey, would we have it any other way? The special effects are still pretty decent (in places) and although the film lacks any real depth its not without its own charm. Great fun.

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