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Interview With The Vampire -- Special Edition [1995] - 4.97

When it was announced that Tom Cruise would play the vampire Lestat in Interview with a Vampire, the film adaptation of Anne Rice's bestselling novel, even Rice chimed in with a highly publicised objection. The author wisely and justifiably recanted her negative opinion when she saw Cruise's excellent performance, which perceptively addresses the pain and chronic melancholy that plagues anyone cursed with immortal blood lust. Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst are equally good at maintaining the dark and brooding tone of Rice's novel. And in this rare mainstream project for a major studio, director Neil Jordan compensates for a lumbering plot by honouring the literate, Romantic qualities of Rice's screenplay. Considered a disappointment while being embraced by Rice's loyal followers, Interview is too slow to be a satisfying thriller, but it is definitely one of the most lavish, intelligent horror films ever made. --Jeff Shannon

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
DRINK FROM ME AND LIVE FOREVER : Having learned a little bit about what might be like to be a vampire(through my readings, and in a fictitious sense), finally I have had the chance to see what the movie `Interview with the vampire' was like. As I kept watching it, I found myself liking it more and more. It had a very intelligent story, a great cast and gory scenes where human blood was the main menu for our blood-thirsty characters. Vampires might be complex people, but in this movie they are also intriguing and fascinating creatures.

The undead are among us and livelier than ever, in this spellbinding screen adaptation of Anne Rice's best seller. Louis is lured by the charismatic vampire Lestat into the immortality of the damned, then tormented by an unalterable fact of vampire life: to survive, he must kill. Interview with the Vampire offers enough thrills, shocks and fiendish fun to last a lifetime... and beyond. What a sheer delight it was to watch this movie. Now you might find that comment a little bit hard to understand, considering the topic that the movie is covering, but I found myself really consumed by the story of the film. Based on Anne Rice's best selling novel, the story is brought extremely well to the screen by the screenwriter, director, cinematographer, and the actors. Director Neil Jordan did a fine job in creating an eerie kind of existence for the vampires in the movie and also does justice to an incredible story.

The screenplay was written by Anne Rice, and I am certain that she would have put all the vital aspects of her book within the screenplay. The part I love about the story the most, is the way the we get it told by one of the main characters, Louis Pointe du lac, as he is being interviewed by a reporter (Christian Slater). It is also interesting to see a vampire story that shows how important it is that these people really need a family to feel happy, not unlike us mortals, is it?

The cast of this film is also of the finest quality. Tom Cruise proves why he is such a great actor in his role of Lestat de Lioncourt. He is a really impressive vampire, with his character's subtle humour a real highlight. Lestat makes a vampire out of Louis Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt), who is as equally as good as Cruise. I really like how his character shows that he is extremely uncomfortable in the immortal phase of being a `vampire'. The way Pitt tells the story was really interesting. I am glad I have found roles that Cruise and Pitt were good in, as I have had mixed feelings towards both of them as actors in the past. Their performances in this film have in some way vindicated themselves to me.

Yet the actor that was the best from my prospective is the very young Claudia (Kirsten Dunst). She is a real revelation as the old vampire that never ages. I mean however young Dunst was when she played this role (12 I have heard), she did a remarkable job in such a complex role. She reminds very much of what Haley Joel Osment was like in `The Sixth Sense'. Having had a mixed opinion about her career in the last 12 months or so, it is great to see that she got it off to a good start. I also liked the vampire Armand (Antonio Banderas), and although he had a small role, he was still very affective.

The people behind the scenes of `IWTV' also need to be commended. The make-up department, headed by Stan Winston (with Michelle Burke) did a remarkable job with the actors playing vampires in the film. Cruise, Pitt and Dunst all were enhanced by make-up, which made them look all so wicked and evil. The cinematographer, Philippe Rousselot and production designer, Dante Ferretti, both did amazing jobs in this film. The look of the story being retold was terrific, as it had the feel of something like `Sleepy Hollow'. This was due mainly to the way the camera looked at the many things, especially the way these vampires act in the world with normal humans, and how depressing it could be, to be a vampire.

I really am kicking myself, considering that this movie was made 9 years ago, and I have only watched it now, which is almost criminal. I believe that Anne Rice's book `Interview with the vampire' would have to be a great read and I might try and get around to reading it, as I do have one of my own vampire novel, that was a really good read. I especially like the conclusion to this movie, as it is not only satisfying, but surprising as well. The main reason for watching this film was so I could get to see 2002's big hit `Queen of the Damned', a film that is once again based on Anne Rice's story and looks into the extraordinary world of vampires. I have seen `QOTD', and to tell you the truth, it was a terrible movie, nothing like this one. It is well done to all involved with this film and it has become part of my growing movie collection.

Rating: 5:
Worth the money! : This is not like any other vampire film i've seen and i love it! It is the tale of the vampire louis' life and is more like a brilliant gothic style drama than a gorry action movie, with just the right mix of humour and emotion.
The plot centers around louis' coming to terms with what he is and the experience of changing from human to vampire- don't get me wrong this is no dreary, emotional chick flick- but it is very different from your usual vampire movie.
It remains fairly true to the book, more so than the other adaptations and stars; brad pitt, tom cruise, kirsten dunst and Antonio Banderas.

Rating: 5:
Fang tastic : In my opinion this is by far the best vampire film ever made. Not because of the all star cast, but because of the shear brilliance displayed from every aspect of this film. The acting is absoloutley superb. Tom Cruise in particular was fantastic. Im telling you, that guy does not get enough credit for his capabilities as an actor. Brad Pitt was slightly less impressive but by no means awful. I have seen a lot worse from him. The supporting cast inctuding Christian Slater and Anotonio Banderas also gave excellent performances and helpd hold this film high. The attention to detail in Interview with the Vampire is second to none, from the excellent make up and effects, to the flawless set-pieces and the beautiful costume wardrobe. Any review giving this film less than 5 stars has to be the eighth deadly sin. Do not miss this film!!!!

Rating: 4:
'Interveiw with a Vampire' ... what I thought : Well, for me personaly, this is my 3rd favorite film of all time!

the costumes are lovely, all the pretty dresses etc.

the special effects arn't exactly brilliant but you have to remember this was made quite a few years ago.

i recomend this to any budding vampire or anybody who likes slighty gorry films!

Rating: 5:
Perfect Vampire film : On my dad's account im 15 and i collect vampire films.
This is my favorite. It is the best, it portrays the vampires as beautiful and passionate. All i can say is it is an amazing film, even better than the sequal queen of the damned, which i wasnt sure was possible until i saw this film.

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