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Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat [1999] - 9.98

Following the successful video release of Cats comes another Andrew Lloyd Webber blockbuster musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and it's a savvy choice. It hasn't been represented on film before, it's short enough (78 minutes) to present without cuts and it has the star-power of former teen icon Donny Osmond, who played over 1,800 performances across North America. Rather than record a live performance, Cats director David Mallet conceived Joseph as a film, though one that is based strongly on co-director Steven Pimlott's 1991 London revival and relies more on camerawork than venturing beyond its stagelike sets.

Lloyd Webber's first project with lyricist Tim Rice was originally written in 1968 as a school cantata; accordingly, this film uses a framing sequence of a school recital, with an audience of clapping, singing kids and members of the faculty playing the roles. The Old Testament tale of Joseph and his coat of many colours gets a splashy, vigorous treatment with an energetic cast, Las Vegas-style glitz and catchy, eclectic songs, including "Any Dream Will Do", "Close Every Door", the peppy "Go, Go, Go Joseph" and various bits of country, calypso and Elvis. Osmond is perfect in the title role, with a strong voice and winning persona, while London stage veteran Maria Friedman performs well in the central role of the narrator. Richard Attenborough appears (and sings a little) as Jacob, and Joan Collins makes a brief, non-singing cameo.

Joseph certainly isn't revolutionary musical theatre, but if you view it as a kids' show, it's a silly good time (though there are poignant moments too). Parents should note, however, that this production might warrant a little discretion due to one suggestive scene and some risqu&ecute; costumes. --David Horiuchi, Amazon.com

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Simply Fun : Chaps, wise up. View this as a simple fun for family viewing and enjoy it. My 5 year old has worn out the vhs so badly that I have had to purchased the dvd version. The older 8 year old has reached her saturation point.
At least Donny can sing the chords and with fun...Jason 'sings?'
Maria Freudman is just superb as a narrator. How can you call her singing operatic...it is simply musical style. I am not old enough to have experienced original version, but love the light hearted nature of the piece. 4 star because there is no SUBTITLES on the DVD for sing-a-long.

Better than Jason or Phillip life on stage.

Rating: 5:
Extremely well made considering a low budget : This musical is fanstasticand all of the songs are awesome!!!

I totally agree with the other reviewer about the most of the money being spent on the stars; but considering that the set looks fanstastic and everyone in it can really sing, even Richard Attenborough!!!

They have moderised the musical for the 21st century very well and most people seem to always go for the original ones, but Donny Osmand is the best one by far.

This is one of my favourite musicals and a must buy.

Rating: 1:
Poor Poor Joseph : Joseph is a much beloved musical and this DVD does it no justice.
I'm pretty sure the home video of your(or your kids) school production is better. Its set poorly, clearly the budget was spent on the 'stars' and it just fails to work as a film.
Even the catchy familiar songs cant save it.

Rating: 1:
Sorry, great musical but terrible film : To be honest, Joseph is one of the best musicals of ALL time, and I've seen it in the theatre at least 4 times. What I don't understand is why they had to make this film version.

1) It looks really amateur, and not at all professional.

2) The acting and dancing are appallingly bad.

3) The singing isn't even that great.

The sad thing is, that for many people this will either ruin their fantastic theatre experience, or make them not bother going to see it in the first place.
Why is it that musicals are ever needed to be released on film? They are so magical in the theatre, and it is impossible to capture that atmosphere in some movie.
The musical is a masterpiece, this film I'm sad to say is far from it.

Rating: 5:
one of the best movies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : Savanna aged 7 says...
You got to buy this. It is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. I saw this at school when I had only seen one quarter of it I went crazy about it. You will practically fall in love with this movie because Joseph sings really really really well. And all the other people.
Some parts you are really scared of what is going to happen next, and other times you are completely calm.
YOU WILL LOVE THIS MOVIE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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