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Kiki's Delivery Service - £5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 2:
my thoughts : kiki is a witch and lives in some witch land untill she has to move and be the local witch for some city...roughly
she finds it hard to fit in and as a result is ashamed of herself as she doesnt consider herself normal and loses her powers as a witch.
after a while she realises that being herself is a good thing.
basically i thought this movie was pretty boring! too many unconnected tangents.
i think the message was "be yourself" but i thought of this:
still a boring movie though

Rating: 5:
My son loved it : My son (whos 6) loved the film. He particularly loved the little cat. I must agree the cat could have carried the film much more than Kiki.

Still another lovely film, fantastic music and much loved.

Rating: 3:
Suffers, I think, from being adapted from books rather than original : Of the true Ghibli films I have seen so far, this is my least favourite--which is to say only that it's better than most ordinary films, rather than being astonishing. It has the usual beauty and attention to detail (somewhere there's a bus with an advertisement for "Studio Ghibli" on the side), with likeable and interesting characters, but by comparison with other films such as "Laputa: Castle in the Sky", "Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind" and "The Cat Returns" I felt that the story was rather thin and erratic. I suspect this is because it is an adaptation of a book or books, which means inevitably things being cut out. Some of the incidents, such as the delivery of the "toy cat" to the little boy or the meal to the rich, surly girl, didn't seem to relate to anything else in the larger pattern of the story, and it ended with a rather perfunctory suspense scene in which I found myself getting annoyed with Kiki because instead of going below Tombo to rescue him, so that if he fell she would catch him easily, she insisted on going alongside him so that he had to reach out! I can't, of course, view this film with the eyes of an eight-year-old, as it's nearly thirty years too late, and as some reviewers on Amazon have said it may simply be a film for children, not adults. Nevertheless, this doesn't apply to "Laputa", "Nausicaš", "The Cat Returns", or even "My Neighbour Totoro", which is intended for toddlers. In summary, then, perhaps a film all children will love, but not so good for adults.

Rating: 5:
A very good film for children : I think some reviewers are missing the point, this is very much a kids film, as someone said for 5- 8 in particular. Princess Mononoke, as a comparator, is unsuitable because of its violence. This, compared to much current animation has better pictures and better story telling. It may be slight to adult eyes, but it is actually about a rite-of-passage - growing up and leaving home - that features large in my 6 year old daughter's thinking about her future, and it provided a way for us to talk about her concerns and aspirations. That might make it sound more worthy than it is, really it is great fun.

Rating: 4:
lovely gentle film : This is one of the earliest from Miyazaki's famous Studio Ghibli, the greatest makers of Japanese hand-drawn anime films. Kiki is a thirteen-year-old witch, and daughter of a witch, who is eager to leave home and spend a year working away from home. Her only talent is flying on her broomstick, but she sets off with her black cat and finds a big city by the sea.
Cheerful, polite and innocent, Kiki needs her cat's sarcasm to make her way in the busy streets. She gets a job delivering presents for customers who visit the kind bakers who give her a home, but is shocked by the rudeness and spoilt behaviour of some, especially a girl her own age. A bespectacled boy on a bike becomes her friend, but Kiki undergoes a crisis of confidence in her own powers which results in her suddenly being unable to fly. Only when she looks within herself can she rescue her new friend after a zeppelin flight goes disastrously wrong....
All the Studio Ghibli trademarks which eventually featured in the masterpiece Spirited Away are here - rippling grasses, trains, weird buildings and pubescent heroines - but the story and psychology are much slighter. Characters have an irritating habit of suddenly breaking into wide cartoony laughter at odds with the charming gravity that is their habitual expression. My children preferred the sardonic cat to Kiki, and we all loathed her boyfriend. However, the beauty of the drawing and the attentiveness to small details such as a crumbling wall in a city alley make this worth having. Children of 5-8 will find it especailly enjoyable, as it is interesting but never frightening.

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