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Latinasize [2006] - 12.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 1:
Bad, very bad. : I regularly do Pump it Up the Ultimate dance work out and alternate it between Charlie brooks one, so I got this and hoped for another new exercise routine to add to my collection.

However Lillia came across really boring through out the whole DVD, her voice is boring and samey and makes you want to fall asleep. She is not encouraging at all like Deanne Berry in the Pump it Up DVD's. The angles are terrible too and nothing is explained very well. Unlike my other DVD's where they do a move, repeat it, then add arms and other things to moves, this one just expected you to get it in one take!

I didn't work up a sweat at all and felt really dissapointed with it. BOO!

Rating: 2:
Uninspiring : I have had this DVD for several months now and I only wish the reviews had been available when I purchased it, because this DVD is one I would certainly have given a miss to.

For me the worst disappointment was the mundane presentation. Lilia is such a lovely lady, but her personality did not shine through on this video. This showed in her rather monotone instructions which were at times very unclear and lacked motivation.

The routines were hard - yes, but could be mastered and I am certainly no defeatest and have exercised and danced to other quite challenging DVD's before. This one however does not 'call me' and I'm afraid will be left on the shelf to gather dust. Bit boring really. Sorry Lilia!

Rating: 3:
Mixed opinion : To begin with I found the dances too difficult to master. It takes a while to get the moves right as Lilia doesn't explain them very well. Now I've mastered it I do enjoy it, but I'm not sure how much good it's doing since the routines don't last much longer than five minutes each. Another thing that stands out for me is the fact that her timing is off a lot in the cooldown, and she misses out an instruction in the cooldown while we're supposed to be looking down! Now I know where it is, I can get it right, but still...

This DVD is a lot of fun. But it's complicated - If your not quick at picking up instructions, this one is not for you.

Rating: 4:
Latinasize : This DVD is great!! the moves and music are fun and you do not realise that you are burning calories and toning your body. You may not get the moves the first time around, so my suggestion is to watch it through first and then you can clearly see for yourself what the moves are. It is great if you do not have alot of time in the day. It is 100% of pure fun. have fun xxx

Rating: 2:
huge dissapointment : Bought this DVD for 2 reasons:
1. Addicted to sport and related video products.
2. Support my ex compatriot.
Waste of money, if you know ho to salsa, DVD is boring. If you are a beginner, feeling that Lilia is great and you are retard , stays with you through the whole program.

I do not think that her Pa are challenging. Confusing, I would say. And did not sweat even a bit.
Want my money back.

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