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Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man [2006] - 16.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
surprisingly uplifting .... : Whether a Leonard Cohen fan or not, you'll love this beautiful DVD.
Mr Cohen is so obviously accomplished in his use of language and yet his conversation on this DVD shows him to be an humble poet. The artists' comments are not sycophantic, and their interpretive renditions are warmly appreciated by the Poet and audience. Real quality sound, too.

Rating: 3:
could've been better : The overall result is very good,it gives a good insight Leonard Cohen.I bought this on the strength that the CD was so good,and i am a huge fan of the Thompson / Wainwright clans.It could have shown more of the performances of the artists,but the really big disapointment was the lack of Teddy Thompson-The Future,the best track on the CD without a doubt but missing from the DVD. WHY?

Rating: 5:
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man : This is sheer pleasure, with marvellous performances from superb singers - Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker, Rufus and Martha Wainwirght, everybody. I went to the film, came dancing out at the end, bought the CD, bought more for my friends, and found myself purchasing a multiregion DVD player in order to enjoy the film all over again. Darlings, buy ten of each because you'll want to give it to EVERYBODY!

Rating: 3:
Not enough of the Man himself : Most of this DVD shows live renditions of Cohen songs by a variety of performers. The results are mixed. Rufus Wainwright just about gets away with camping up Everybody Knows, but does Chelsea Hotel more justice. Antony's If It Be Your Will is superb, he dives fearlessly for the heart of the song. But while Nick Cave is good, most of the rest are merely okay, the only disaster being Martha Wainwright's overwrought, terribly mannered performance. Despite some great moments, I found these versions at best interesting, and Perla Battala & Julie Christensen's eerie, perfectly sung version of Anthem is the only track I'd actually want to own, and hear again.

Between songs (and sometimes cutting into them), Cohen gives anecdotes, and spins a witty, warm, and mythic view of his life that lets him get away without ever having to answer any hard questions. We also see clips of him as a boy. The singers also appear as talking heads, and praise Cohen's work.

Finally, Cohen performs Tower Of Song with U2. Where the other singers all performed at a special tribute concert, the Man himself is in a studio. The Edge's guitar fills are show-offy and ruin the song. There are also close ups of Bono, despite him not doing much. This is presumbably in deference to U2's mega-fame, but their fans probably won't care about Cohen, and Cohen fans won't enjoy The Edge showboating all over a rare chance to see new footage of their favourite singer.

Worth a rental for fans, it doesn't require a purchase unless you are a fan of all the acts featured - something that seems doubtful.

Rating: 3:
U2? : I had the pleasure of seeing Hal Wilner's production of `Came So Far For Beauty' live in Brighton a couple of years ago. The line up of performers was much the same as those presented on this film. The whole performance was stunning, a great tribute to Leonard Cohen which this film undoubtedly captures in parts. So you can imagine I awaited the release of this DVD with the anticipation that the combination of Leonard Cohen commenting on his life experiences linked with the performance of `Came So Far For Beauty' would be an informative, interesting, extension and celebration of the original stage set. Unfortunately the inclusion of footage featuring banal comments from members of U2 and in particular the inane mutterings of the self abuser `Bono' really hacked me off - his profession to recognise great poets with the work of Cohen includes comparison with plumbers and observation of artists (cringe) looking into the `chasmm' . The sleeve notes suggest this `This is one of the greatest music films of all time' - it could be, but only if U2's contribution were to be (apologies for using a Bono type pun)) depth charged without trace by editing and preferably thrown down a `chasmm' along with Mr Mephisto and his intolerable ego.

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