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Lie With Me (Region 2) (PAL) [2005] - 6.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.0):

Rating: 4:
How life is : A truly erotic movie because its neither a saddo male fantasy nor 'guardian' intellectual pretension .Instead a truthful take on young lust, longing and love and the angst , joy & hurt that comes with those things . Beautiful male and female leads , authentic backdrops of summer in a city and a sense of hope too.

Rating: 2:
An OK film : With this film being compared to Michael Winterbottom's '9 Songs', and reviewed by Scarlet as "Everything '9 Songs' wanted to be", I must say that I was left disappointed.
With a cast of Eric Balfour and Lauren Lee Smith, I approached this film with an 'arthouse' expectation in mind.
However, I found Balfour to be unconvincing in his role. The characterisation of "sexually adventurous" Leila (Smith) and "impulsive" David (Balfour) to be 'troubled' indeed came across, but something was not quite right.
Smith portrays her character well, and although this film is scripted (I'm lead to believe) unlike '9 Songs', towards the end of the film I was somewhat confused and unsure as to where it was actually heading.
Certainly a film to push the boundaries of the modern era, but only touching on ground that has already been covered by it's predecessors.

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