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Mary Poppins (2 Disc 40th Anniversary Special Edition) - 8.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
The movie every kid on earth should wacth : Mary Poppins is undoubtedly among the most terrific stories ever told on celluloid for children. It has it all: comedy, music, values, colours, dreams all packed in 2 hours together with the beautiful Julie Andrews. If you wacthed it when you were young the memory will stay with you for the rest of your life, if you didn't you still have the chanche to come back in time and enjoy it for the first time. GO AND GET A COPY.

Someone wrote that they found it boring, lacking in plot and full of cheesy music. My opinion is that you would have liked it as a kid, but growing up you simply lost your capability of astonishment.

Rating: 5:
SuperWonderfullcalifragilisticExtraordinary : I love Disney filmas a lot. Well I have Disney in all my veins. Mary Poppins is a wonderful film. Well written, well acting, adn animated as well. The songas are among the best of Disney. What can I say more... Buy it!

Rating: 5:
A Disney classic : Mary Poppins (40th Anniversary edition) is truly a classic movie and a real treat for Disney fans, to experience watching and reliving the magical moments of Disney at your home.

What make it a great movie? An all round cast featuring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke (with his rather dodgy London accent). A great setting based in a dark and gloomy London. Not forgettinng Disney's trademark of musical songs. Remember songs like A Spoonful of Sugar, that just a simple and nice worded song. A good mix of animation , which is pretty amazing. The extra featured are excellent with rare and exclusive interviews with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. For the kids, you can sang along to the songs featured in the movie.

The perfect treat for Dinsey fans and a good collector item.

Rating: 5:
If Only I Could Give It 10 Stars : What can i say about this film but it is the greatest musical Julie Andrews has ever been in next to the Sound Of Music. I simply don't understand how anybody can hate this film regardless of reading the book or not. The music is amazing, the acting i must admit is sub-par but the direction and camera shots in this film are fantastic. Dick Van Dyke does an amusing role of trying to do a strong cockney east end accent but Julie Andrews as always with her beautifully spoken accent saves the day. The Childrens acting in this aswell is superb considering their age and the times in which this film was set. Kids will especially love it as that is the target audience after all but i garauntee that no matter what your age at the end of the film you will be singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (If You're confused then you will soon see what that word means if you buy the film) or singing chim chimery cheroo or humming it to yourself while you're in work at your desk.

10 out of 5 = You haven't lived unless you've seen this film

Rating: 5:
Absolutely wonderful!! : This DVD is absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. It consists of two discs, the first one includes the movie and has special features such as audio commentary and pop-up facts. The second is filled with special features including the making of Mary Poppins, deconstruction of scenes, etc.

The discs are filled with fascinating facts about the film and it is so nice to hear the stars of the film reuniting to share their experiences. Highly recommended!!

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