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Ministry Of Sound : The Ultimate Workout - Pump It Up, Burn It, Lose It - 15.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Good workout : I think this is a really good workout. Each section has several different routines, each to a different track, which keeps it varied which I find a necessity to maintain my interest.
I've only used it once so can only offer insight based on this, but the Aeroburn section really works you, the Beatbox section was a good mix of cardio and some arm toning!
The only thing I was disappointed with was the limited exercises focusing on the abs, which is my main problem area.
But all in all a nice varied workout with an excellent soundtrack that made me feel I'd really worked out hard.

Rating: 5:
As fun as the original : It took me a few goes to get into this workout, as I kept comparing it to the first Pump It Up DVD, which I absolutely love.

But now I think I love it more than the first one! I actually think it's harder work for the whole body, as I'm getting seriously toned all over. But I do agree that the bums/tums and cooldown section isn't great - I find the bit where you hold your body off the floor and move your feet in and out really hurts my knee joints. When it gets to that section I put the first DVD on and do bums/tums and cooldown from that instead.

Great fun though!

Rating: 5:
Feeling the Burn : Being a workout video noob and since I love clubbing, I thought the music would be a good motivator.
I'm realtively healthy but this workout is making me sweat proper. The aeroburn is hard work and I sometimes have to take a break but I love the BMP section which is good fun and a break of sorts.
The beatbox is brilliant - just imagine an ex who annoyed you and time just flies by!!!

Overall it's really effective, I feel more toned and though the moves can take time to handle I'm not sick of it at all

Rating: 4:
sweaty betty : i enjoy doing this dvd, though the cool down section is pretty useless. i'm fairly fit but after the first time i did this workout my thighs and bum were in agony for three days. i'd recommend doing the cool down from the first pump it up dvd instead. otherwise is enjoyable.

the big shiny shorts were a mistake, however.

Rating: 4:
OK : Going to be honest, I have the first Pump it Up and I don't think this one is as good. I don't work up much of a sweat in this one as I do with the Ultimate dance work out, the moves are a little more complicated and the dance section is quite weak compared to PIU1. Would like to have seen more bum work on the toning 'knockout' section at the end and some more stomach stuff as well.

However the music really holds up 4 stars for this DVD and I enjoy the cardio boxing section, aeroburn is good as well though I'd like it to have been longer like the original High energy.

If you do the first one relgiously I'd say this is defintely more of a low impact work out however, I do enjoy it when I don't feel up to my usual Pump it Up workout and usually do this one when tired or don't have much energy!

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