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Moulin Rouge - Single Disc Edition [2001] - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 5:
Spectacular Spectacular!!! : This is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming films that I have ever seen. Crammed full of emotion, you will feel happy, sad and you will sing along and feel uplifted! This is the ONLY film that I am happy to watch over and over and over again. It never fails to entertain me.
The film follows a young writer (Ewan Macgregor) in Bohemian Paris, where he meets and falls in love with a stunning courtesan (Nicole Kidman)working at the Moulin Rouge, however love does not always end happily ever after. The ending will have a significant impact on you for a long time afterwards. All of the actors play their roles perfectly and the film is a perfect blend of romance, tragedy, dance and comedy.
SO: Make yourself a hot chocolate, grab a box of tissues if you're particularly sensitive and prepare for the biggest movie feast of all time! This film is truly beautiful.

Rating: 3:
Theatre Production : I first saw the film at the Cinema and thought it was fabulous and consequently bought the DVD. I am sorry to say though that the film does not translate so well on the small screen.

When you see it on the large screen, you really feel as though you are watching it at the theatre and it is spectacular. This magic is lost on the DVD - unless of course you have your own built in home cinema.

Rating: 5:
WOW : This film bowled me over. It is an amazing spectacle for the eye and emotionally overwhelming for the heart. An experimental and artistic work of genius. I can't wait to watch it again.

Rating: 1:
Squirm-inducing : I'm genuinely shocked at how leaden, unwatchable and fundamentally ghastly this is. The fact this childishly amateurish trash was successful says a lot about the times we live in. Luhrmann's ballroom flick was OK, I suppose, but this is as embarrassing as his Shakespeare travesty. Steer clear at all costs.

Rating: 5:
Speactacular Spectacular : This movie is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite: a wonderful piece of cinema for anyone who's ever experienced love (either true; in vain; tragically; unwanted or even a significant lack of it). Baz Luhrmann has put together a movie that is totally unique: comparisons drawn with chicago are just not true-they both involve songs and that's about it.

This film basically consists of two parts: firstly like "being trapped in a lift with the circus" I read that somewhere but can't be sure where and the second focuses on Satine and Christian as their love takes many different forms.

The characters you will fall in love with again and again-Satine's self-sacrificing devotion; Christian's consuming love; Zidler's inner conflict between the businessman and artist; Toulouse's love-starved life which he pretends not to get him down (see just after the elephant for my meaning "How wonderful life is..."); the Bohemians' free spirits and the Duke makes a formidable foe who you really despise.

The songs are wonderful and each adds something to the show, not a single one feeling out of place. Get the soundtrack too, it has many songs only in the movie for a few seconds, each of which are their own gems.

In short, this movie is likely to be one of the most thrilling and moving cinematic rollercoasters you have ever experienced. So what are you waiting for? Get it now!

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