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Mr Benn - The Complete Series - 4.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
One of the best ever pieces of children's TV : Mr Benn is easily one of my favourite children's programmes, short and simple but also magical and truly unforgettable. I never realised that only 14 episodes were made though, maybe it is because time goes a lot slower as a child, that and the fact that by the time an episode was repeated, I must have thought it was a brand new episode but anyway, quality will always be more important than quantity plus it is proof that Mr Benn has great replay value.

Another great thing about Mr Benn is that every episode is almost identical up until the point where he changes into the costume and so I could watch any episode randomly and never be quite sure which costume it was going to be, very clever. AN ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL CHILDREN'S TV CLASSIC.

Rating: 5:
Brilliant. : Now this is what I'm talking about! Mr Benn: brilliant! Never mind this Harry bleedin' Potter nonsense. Mr Ben was visiting all manner of locations and getting into incredible twists on a daily basis long before Harry feakin' Potter showed up. He didn't even need to go to school at Hogg `bleedin' borts either. No Sir! He just nipped into the fancy bleedin' dress shop down the road, so he did. Brilliant stuff, brilliant stuff. Tell that to the kids of today and they won't believe you.

Rating: 5:
Instant hit! : For me, watching Mr. Benn was a trip down memory lane. For my wife and kids, however, this was a brand new experience because we live in America and they've never seen Mr. Benn before. The result? They loved it! I mean, really loved it! My kids saw it once and haven't stopped asking for it since. And my wife, who could be forgiven for not sharing my enthusiasm, says it's already one of her favourites. Add to that the fact that the menus and picture quality are far better than I was expecting and you've got the best kids' DVD 5 can buy!

Rating: 5:
Nostalgia at it's best : As soon as I heard that this had been released it brought memories of childhood flooding back to me. As one of my favourites growing up, I simply had to have it. Compared with modern animation it has a lot to live up to, but the stories and the imagination involved are just fantastic. Definitely one to have in the collection. The best thing is that because they are such short episodes you can watch it whenever, squeeze it in when you have a few spare minutes.

Rating: 5:
Absolute Classic - And kids still love it : Our oldest (almost 3 years) loves Mr Benn! She is re-enacting his adventures pretending to be a pirate or a dinosaur and loves it.

It is nostalgic watching all those episodes again, it amazes me how much I still remembered.

This is a no-frill Mr Benn DVD, all episodes ever made, no extras, but who needs them anyway?

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