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MTV Pilates Mix [2004] - 4.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Brilliant workout : This is a great dvd. Being able to customise you workout is great, just do one of the half hour sections if you havent much time, or the full dvd if you want a full body wrkout. The quick bonus section is great too.

I have a reasonable level of fitness, but this really works deep into the core of your body reaching places normal fitness training doesn't. With 3 different ability levels there is always something to aim for.

I always feel brilliant after this workout, it is well explained and easy to follow which helps keeps you really focused.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to strengthen their body, tone up and feel great.

Rating: 5:
excellent! : It was my first pilates dvd. I had no idea what it was all about...This is a good dvd to learn. I bought other dvds after awhile, and always went back to it. The instructor is very helpful and the exercises are for all the levels (different people doing the exersice in alternate ways).The dvd also combines a full body workout that you can seperate in two half hour ones (upper - lower body).
Great great job.

Rating: 5:
Outstanding! : Hooray for Kirsten McGee finally a Pilates workout that challenges and makes you sweat, this is so effective that I can feel it working!

Beer Guts and Jelly Bellies - kiss goodbye to them! after two weeks of participating in this class I am certain that they will be a thing of the past! Normally when I put a pilates DVD I expect it to be a total no brainer and start sending me to sleep. I expect to see the same re-gurgitated routines that supposidly transform you but seem to do very little and leave you feeling like you haven't done anything at all - not with this one.

+ this contains a much better soundtrack then most and looks great! This is completely different as it takes pilates to a whole new level. You will use your body like you never have before. You actually use it as resistance which is far more challenging then a weight session.

Your abs will be worked to the max isometrically from every angle! This DVD is split into 2 x workouts at 30 minutes. The first concentrates on abs and upper body. The second on the lower body and a bonus section which gives you a fast blast when you just do not have the time!

I often wondered why Kirsten McGee looks so brilliant - and this is her secret! If you think this may be too challenging for you then I urge you to do the first MTV Pilates Routine or Lynne Robinson Core Work which offer an excellent foundation but for those who want he full on effective pilates experience where you want to work hard - definately a must do! A*****

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