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My Neighbour Totoro - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Amazing! : This film is the most uplifting film that I've ever seen. It follows 2 girls and their dad as they move to a new home in rural Japan, while their mum recovers from an illness in hospital. In the nearby forest the girls make friends with the Totoros (pronounced to-tu-ro, the Japanese word for troll), spirits who teach them to have respect for nature.

This film lacks the sense of adventure of other Ghibli films like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, so those looking for action should steer clear. ANYone else would love it though!

Rating: 5:
My Neighbour Totoro : I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed this film. Although I'm a self confessed ghibli fan, this is essentially a film aimed at children, but which I loved from the word go. It has beautiful animation and a simple story that captivates you and makes you smile the whole way. The characterisation is great and the kids in the film are genuinely endearing. The specific touches, like the cat bus, add that spark of magic and wonder for kids and adults alike. I really was surprised at how much I liked this film and have to rate it very highly in Ghibli's output of work. Great viewing and not to be missed.

Rating: 5:
Watch This Film!!! : Well what can I say... AMAZING!
It was a pleasure to watch from start to finish. Sisters Satsuki and Mei are heart warming and Totoro: UNFORGETTABLE!!!

If you havn't seen this movie yet - please do. It's amazingly well animated and although the story was a bit 'childish' it's so likeable and I think anyone at any age will just love it.

Go buy, watch and ENJOY : )


Rating: 5:
I love this film : My neighbour Totoro was the first of the studio gibli animation films i had seen and i think its just wonderful. Apart from its fun and great animation it shows respect and values that do not exist in all the typical childrens films. It was this movie that inspired me to seek out all similar animations and now me and my daughter are hooked on them all!!

Rating: 5:
The most charming film I have EVER seen! : This film is intended for small children, so Miyazaki says. I was thirty-six when I watched it. I was so charmed that I showed it again to my father, who was then seventy-seven. He was so charmed that he insisted we must show it to his grandson, who is four. I have seen more exciting films, or funnier films, but none which gave me more sheer delight. It is a great shame the world isn't really as nice as this, but when you are four, like Mei, or even eleven, like Satsuki, this is how you want it to be: everyone bigger is kind and can be trusted completely, and everything always comes right in the end. Knowing a little boy of Mei's age I can vouch for her being highly realistic, from the obsessive looking through a hole in a bucket to the scowling and sulking! The most touching moment is when Catbus' destination board changes to "MEI", showing Satsuki that he knows exactly where her little sister is, and that he's going to take her straight there. My only criticisms, if you can call them that, are that the DVD doesn't contain the legendary sequel "Mei and the Kittenbus", in which Mei meets and goes for a ride with Catbus's little son, and that I can't ride in Catbus myself. As a cat lover and occasional bus user I feel I was born to do that, and it's a disgrace he's only imaginary!

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