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Naruto Unleashed - Series 2 Part 1 -

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Nice set of episodes ... but lazy subtitles .... : This set of naruto episodes are decent watch since they're starting to pick up the pace abit.
These episodes revolve around our heroes overcoming their survivial exam in the forest of death and the debut of the main villian who infect one of the heroes with great power.
Alot of the secondary hero characters are starting to be fleshed out too also in this volume.

You can once again enjoy another set of visually uncut episodes in the UK.

Unfortuantly as with previous installments of this DVD series ..... it's weakness lies in poor english subtitles for the japanese version.

Past volumes of this title in the UK have been known for it's dodgey translation of the japanese to english subtitles.
This volume seems to have done away with translating them all together .....
They have gotten very lazy with this volume .. they're not even attempting to translate anymore ..... they're just just simply replacing dodgey translations from japanese to english subtitles , with the english script for subtitles instead.

It's very obvious in alot of cases that the english script isn't close to the japanese script .... especially when you see english subtitles when nobody is even talking !

What's even more laughable is they're even making errors when just copying the english script to english subtitles. Fair enough japanese to english is hard ... but whoever is handling this isn't even copying english to english perfectly ....

Oh well .... I hope this doesn't continue in the next volume ..... I wish Manga video or whoever is handling the UK version subtitles , would hire a good translator , instead of being lazy / sloppy ....

Never the less .... the rest of what the DVD has to offer is very good as always . Just don't expect the truth if you want to read subtitles when you watch in japanese audio.

Rating: 4:
Great anime, horrible translation : This 3-DVD set contains 13 episodes from the start of the second season of Naruto (episodes 27 - 39), continuing where the previous DVD set (Unleashed Series 1 Part 2) left off.

Let's start with the good:
At this point in the series, the storyline becomes a lot darker in nature, and broadens the perspective from focusing largely on just Team Kakashi to having more than 15 or so 'main' characters, with several new supporting characters appearing as well. Although briefly introduced at the end of the first series, here they are fleshed out properly.
This part of the series also introduces one of the main villains of the overall series, thus leading into many of the later story arcs (including the final main arc before the timeskip).
Both the animation quality and the action sequences here are excellent, as should be expected of the series.

The bad:
There is an unfortunate flaw in this DVD which leads me to drop one star (and perhaps I should drop a second): The english version included on the disc.
Basically, the english voiced version of the script is horrendous. The voice acting is melodramatic and poorly done, and often barely fits the motion of the mouth on screen. Worse, the actual plot itself has been severely dumbed down to cater for a western audience, largely where translations from japanese has been oversimplified, or where extra lines have been ad libbed to match the mouths. The whole thing is cringe-worthy at best.
Further, it isn't even possible to fully enjoy the included original japanese audio, since the english subtitles are for the english voiced version (a horrendous oversight, in my opinion since most people using the subtitles will be doing so to watch the japanese version).
This means that the english subtitles have the same flawed translations as the english voiced version, leading to points where subtitles pop up for lines that don't exist in the japanese version, or occasionally don't pop up for lines that do.

Overall, if you can bear the poor translation or if you don't care, then this remains an excellent piece of storytelling, and an impressive visual feast.
If, like me you enjoy the original japanese version then be warned that this isn't the best way to see it. All of these episodes can be found online if you know where to look, but in lower quality.

If the subtitles had been a correct translation of the japanese audio; 5 stars
If the japanese audio had been excluded altogether; 3 stars

Overall 4/5

Rating: 5:
the bigging : this for me is were the seris reali kiks off it shows that naruto isnt the best nor sasuke that they are little fish in a big big BIG ocean it introduces the first two long running "baddies" orochimaru a former member of akatsuki and the guy wereing the purple out fit the medival nin ( i carnt remember his name ) well anywho this is the best anime ever and i strongly sdvise u to buy it but if u havent watched the first two dont buy this one !!!

Rating: 4:
Starting To Get Interesting... : Well this will be the third release of the popular Shonen anime series Naruto. This is were the series, in my opinion, begins to expand on the simple plot of boy dreams of becoming stronger. In this volume we will see the introduction one of the long running bad guys, the conclusion of the second exam and next stage of the Chunnin Exam.

I already own the first two box sets and overall I am pleased with both Audio and Video. However, my primary viewing choice is the original Japanese version and so subtitles are very important. My only qualm with previous releases was their (Manga Entertainment) decision to use British slang with their translations. I am not sugguesting they use literal translations but I would prefer maybe a level up from it. My decision to give the set four stars reflects this.

Overall from this point on, Naruto becomes much more interesting and I strongly urge people to purchase this and next six or so sets.

Rating: 5:
Naruto Uncut Series 2 YEAH!! : When i first saw series one uncut to be here in the uk i jumped for joy as i was thinking about buying the series from the usa. But luckly for me they were released here in the uk. I own both parts of the first series and i plan to buy series two when it comes out, only the first part but thats better than none. If you like Naruto and own the first series then this will be a nice DVD to add to your collection.

Naruto Rules!!!!!

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