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NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). Season 1 - 22.97

Equal parts JAG and C.S.I. , NCIS does a formidable job of blending relevant military headlines with quirky characters who are tenaciously determined to solve a crime--even if it means having to sleep in the morgue to get a few minutes of shut eye. Created by Donald P. Bellisario (JAG, Quantum Leap), NCIS actually began as a two-part episode of JAG in 2003. Later that year, the drama made its full-season debut on CBS in the States. On this six-disc set, which includes all 23 non-JAG episodes plus optional commentary by Bellisario on the first episode, viewers are introduced to an elite squad of special agents, led by Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Gibbs is a hard-nosed investigator who doesn't say much. But when he does, an insult usually comes out of his mouth. He's brilliant when it comes to ferreting out the truth, but he's not savvy enough to figure out how to block his ex-wife's nagging phone calls. Instead, he makes do by destroying his cell phone. Gibbs' team is fleshed out by an eclectic and somewhat eccentric set of colleagues, including medical examiner Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard (David McCallum from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. ), wannabe playboy and former homicide detective Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), forensics expert and resident Goth chick Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), and former Secret Service agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander).

The murder of a peripheral NCIS agent halfway through the season is a taste of what's to come in future seasons when core characters leave the show (voluntarily or not). But in its first year, the show sets up a strong premise that (while not wholly original) is well executed. One of the more stickling aspects of the show is its reluctance to allow Tony to show signs of maturity. At times, he behaves more like a rambunctious puppy than an ace investigator. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Unoriginal but with an appeal of its own : When this first started on Channel 5 I decided to just skip it. It looked like a second rate CSI clone, and at the time I wasn't finding CSI to be that great. Anyway, why bother watching hours and hours of it for weeks and weeks when you could watch the real programme?

Years later and my Dad bought the box sets. So I decided to give it a try. The pilot episode was decent so I continued with it. After two or three poor early episodes, it got into its stride and was very entertaining.

The one thing my Mum complains about is the constant "unprofessional" digging at each other between the characters. I think she's missing the point as that's what makes it good. This constant funny dialogue also makes the lead characters a bit more interesting, appealing and entertaining than the CSI cast (the Miami cast is in the stupidest programme ever made and yet they're the most serious and dullest of the lot!).

Apart from a few silly storylines (such as the episodes with the sewer prison and the online computer game), I've enjoyed most of it. And it's sometimes very funny (the opening pre-credit sequence of the army recruiter killing episode).

If you're tempted then I recommend you give it a shot as it is better than it looks. Also the Navy setting isn't anywhere near as restrictive and boring as it sounds.

Rating: 1:
YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWNNNNNNNNNN! : After owning this on dvd for a couple of months following the purchase on the strength the above reviews - all I can say is that they must have been watching a different show!

I'm a fan of shows like this usually but this has been such hard work to watch - and i'm only up to episode 16. - i think it will be traded in before the last episodes are watched.

To describe the show it is trying to be yet another version of CSI - and fails miserably. you have all your typical stereotypes - smart alec guy in charge, over-glamourous woman sidekick, old english guy - with over emphasis on the english accent. and to top it all some annoying know-it- all crazy chick who works in the lab .

this has been seen before many times - much better in other shows.
I found this boring clap-trap no entertainment whatsoever , Instead of buying this buy any of the CSI series starting with the original vegas series - they are much better than this.

Rating: 5:
At Last - Characters You Can Warm To : I fell over this programme by accident on one of the digital channels & needed to go back to the start. The characters are are more real than in other series (we've all worked with a DiNozzo) albeit exaggerated (why are the English always portrayed as eccentrics?). The story lines are good enough to hold your attention & the forensics are well handled (better than CSI anyhow). This is a must for crime-lovers.

Rating: 4:
This is soo cool : I started watching this on Living and its a few series ahead, so I thought would go back to the beginning and see how it all began. I love the character Gibbs, he rocks very tough really but at the heart of it all quite soft. Dinozzo is also cool in an annoying way, he's that guy you think you want to be when you are younger. But my two favourite have to be Ducky and Abby. They are so very funny and get away with so much. With Duckys really odd stories for all events and Abby's odd way in general it just makes the plot line so enjoyable.

The Plots themselves are easy enough to follow, not so much as you would get bored with them but easy enough so that you are not lost by the end of the episode.

I have never been one for extras really but neigh most people seem to find them important. I enjoyed the dvd set and I only had one problem with it, the design with the three individual cases. I don't know why but it just makes it feel cheap. But as I say over all very cool set. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Rating: 5:
wow - what a find : I hadn't seen this series on TV as channel 5 as it is shown on a Friday night and clashes with Sky's coverage of Rugby League. It was my sister who put me on to it, and I have to say it's great.

Had I known that it was a JAG spin off I probably wouldn't have bothered with it. I've tried JAG on a number of occasions since it started and haven't been able to build an attachment. But this series...

Oh how I remember Mark Harman from 240 Robert when I was a kid. He was droolable and he has only improved with age. As for Michael Weatherley ("Eyes Only" from Dark Angel) wow - the only thing I don't like is the female lead. Her attitude to the Dinozzo character sucks, especially considering she's new to the job.

We watched episode one to the end of series one in only 3 days.

Cool forensics, Ducky (Man from Uncle) and Abby (the punk).

An outstanding series - I WILL be purchasing series 2, 3 and 4

On the negative side - as usual we in the UK are region 2, 2 for 2nd class citizens - no extras

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