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Nell McAndrew's Ultimate Challenge - Ultimate Results - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 4:
All-time favourite! : I bought this DVD about 2years ago when the freshers junk food diet started to take its toll at uni and I'm still using it at least twice a week to keep me in shape. It really does what it says and gets you 'ultimate results.'
The best feature of Ultimate Challenge is the 'bail outs.' The cardio workout is split up into sections where you can choose to skip to work on those arms, bums n' tums. For me, this was a great way to track my progress. At first I could barely make the 1st bail out and never thought it was possibe to complete the whole dvd but when I finally did this summer it was a great sense of acheivemen, knowing how much I'd improved in my fitness.
To describe 'Ultimate Fitness,' about 90% of the dvd is running on the spot, working your arms simultaneously in different ways so for some who might find running boring, may feel the same about this. However, this is the only possible flaw. Much of it is also devoted to LOTS of squats and I still cant complete every one without standing up for a moment.
The instructor who actually takes the class that Nell goes to every week (so you get the feeling this is genuine rather than staged,) is very good - instructions are clear and straightforward and not annoying like other celebrity presenters or fitness dvds.
I also find the third workout of high quality. Unlike other fitness dvds who seem to forget about the last section and just add a few odd situps and cool-down, 'Ultimate Challenge' includes substantial hand weights (I use cans), effective sets of crunches, lower back lifts and bum exercises!
An all round quality fitness dvd and an ultimate challenge!

Rating: 4:
Effective and efficient : If you are looking for the flexibility that home fitness offers, then this one should feature in your collection. A very balanced work out with good warm up exercises. The cardio workouts (2 x 20 minutes) alternate well between high - medium impact whilst keeping the heart at an optimum calorie burning rate! You also get the chance to really work on your arms and abs. If you have hand weights (or two cans of hairspray)use them!

As the routines are quite simple you can adapt them to your own fitness level but you may find them too repetitive. I'd recommend alternating them with other fitness DVDs.

Rating: 1:
BORING!!! : I only did this dvd twice as i couldnt stand the boredom any longer. Routines were sound but so long winded and soooo repetitive. this dvd was just mind torture. I really disliked it.

Rating: 4:
At last an unpretentious exercise dvd! : This is the first exercise DVD that I would recommend to anyone else. It is clear, simple and strenuous. I loathe DVD's that focus on the star not the exercise. This is spot on. Nell introduces the programme then the exercise programme gets underway. You won't be distracted by wacky camera angles or funky edits. It's like joining an exercise class only it's in the privacy of your own home. It's worth mentioning that although the class is demanding it doesn't require an exercise space the size of an aircraft hanger and there are no tricky dance routines. On the basis of this DVD I'm about to buy more of Nell's workouts.

Rating: 4:
Fab : This is fab.. it's not too easy, not too hard! It's not fussy or complicated just moves to get your heart pumping!
Even Nell works up a sweat - slightly annoying that she is still managing to smile when I'm half dead!! But give me time!!

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