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New Tricks - Series 1 [2003] - 10.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Brilliant : British TV at its best. Brilliant series. Will be buying the other series now.

Rating: 5:
Thumbs up for New Tricks : What a great team, the banter between them is first class. We live in Spain and one of the things we miss is stuff like this. We were bought New Tricks 2 and watch the whole lot in one sitting one rainy Sunday what joy. Wanted to know how it all started we ordered New Tricks 1, eagerly awaiting for it to arrive. Not dissapointed its funny,tense,excellent dialog between them all. I especially like the woman v man quips. Now have ordered New Tricks 3 and know it won't fail to deliver. TV drama as its best, all actors are superb I love Jack talking to his dead wife, Brian's long suffering wife Ester is brilliant. D.I Sandra trying to keep it all together, and managing to look gorgeous in a mans world is first class. Gerry is such a lovable character, more please keep it coming U.C.O.S THANK YOU SO MUCH

Rating: 5:
Best British Cop Show Since the Sweeney : What sets New Tricks apart from most other Police dramas is the quality of the writing, the quality of the acting and the cheimistry between the four main actors.

James Bolam, Alun Armstrong and Denis Waterman play three retired CID officers who are recalled from retirement to investigate long standing unsolved murders. Their boss and the only serving police officer is Sandra Pullman played by Amanda Redmond.

Each of the three male stars has a distinct personality. The most reliable of the three is Jack Halford (Bolam) who was once Pullman's boss. Halford was also the most senior of the three and has the strange habit of talking to his wife's grave, which is in his back garden. Halford who apart from this habit appears to be the most sensible of the three also has a ruthless side which appears when needed, and is played beautifuly by James Bolam.

Denis Waterman plays Gerry Standing with three ex wives and a host of daughters, who he calls 'The Covern' The impression given is that Standing was not above bending the rules to catch a criminal or above taking the odd backhander. As he tells his boss 'I'm a bad boy, not a bastard' Unlike the other two Standing has not accepted that he is getting old and when the other two show him their various pills for blood pressuire, heart, depression etc, the only pills he has are viagra.

The last of the trio ai Brian Lane played by Alun Armstrong. Brian Lane is a recovered alcoholic and suffers from various mental health problems.
He is also known as Memory Lane because of his photographic knowledge of Police Officers, criminals and crime. Unlike the other two who are always smartly dressed, Brian is normaly dressed in a scruffy tracksuit. His wife Esther played by Susan Jameson struggles to cope with his demanding behavour.

The trio are controled, just about, by Sandra Pullman a high flying police woman played Amanda Redmond. Pullman is split between defending her team from her bosses and her frustation and some of their 'old school habits'

All four play their parts to perfection and it appears that they had a good time making the series. Above all what this series has which most cop shows lack is humour.

If you want to see a good stories and good acting then this is for you.

Rating: 5:
Classic! : People are always whinging about TV not being like it used to be. Well, New Tricks proves it can be. Great storylines, credible characters, authentic dialogue, clever direction, the perfect mix of suspense and laughs. Trust me, TV doesn't get much better than this.

Rating: 5:
Armstrong, Bolam, Redman, and Waterman in yet another great British cop show : A heavyweight TV superstar cast bringing the ethos of 'True Grit' (embracing old age disgracefully) to retired members of the police force. With small snapshots of their family life as well (aka Rose in Dr Who), they all come across as being 'real people' and perhaps because they are nice characters and such well known faces you care what happens to them (oh no don't hurt `Terry'). Far more 'real' than many mainstream cop shows (where the departmental in-fighting is often so dramatically over-exaggerated the only surprise is that no colleague gets battered to death with a coffee cup). It's got 'The Sweeney' clever backchat and one-liners with a bit less of it's violence, so it's quite suitable for the kids as well (I would have given it a 12 not 15). My daughter (12) loves the series. The stories reflect real life, some fairly clever people having a bit a laugh while dealing with the pressure of the tough job they have taken on. As they are all retired equals in the cop business they also have free reign to behave as rather non-PC mavericks - after all in the East End anything is legal as long as you don't get caught. It's not unlike time-travelling cop show 'Life on Mars' really, except here you have 1970's policemen working in 2005.

The 'cold case' theme is perhaps a bit old hat, but in this case it fits in perfectly (why else would working police officers ignore the crimes). My daughter's review is 'If you like mysteries then it's really good, you can work it out, as it's a very logical program, then you check it out at the end. Plus you can tell the violence is fake and people just get beaten up and don't die. It's not for young children though, those about 9 and over'. Worth getting just to catch any episodes you missed on TV, or you can rent. My daughter is eagerly awaiting series three on DVD.

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