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Outlaw [2007] - 10.98

Outlaw is no easy film, with no easy answers. The latest from writer/director Nick Love, previously behind The Football Factory and The Business, it tells the story of a Britain overrun with crime, with no one willing to stand up to it.

Until, that is, a group of people--led by Sean Bean's Bryant--decide to effectively take matters into their own hands. And so, with each of this group having their own reasons for their actions, they start to exact a form of revenge on the those who have wronged them, laying the scene for an interesting vigilante crime-thriller.

Amidst a fair cavalcade of at-times quite brutal violence, Outlaw has a real feeling and message at the heart of it. But you'd be hard pushed to say that the message is well handled, or that it's the main reason for watching the film. Instead, the strengths are some of the performances (Bean is joined by the likes of Bob Hoskins, Lennie James and Dannie Dyer) and the increasingly confident direction from Love. At times it's blistering to watch, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

Ultimately, though, Outlaw, in spite of its strengths, is a mixed bag, yet one with plenty to recommend it. It's a well-made, diverting film, albeit not one for the squeamish, and while it's got its fair share of flaws, you're unlikely to be disappointed by it. --Jon Foster

Customer reviews (av rating: 2.5):

Rating: 1:
not the best : saw this on dvd...wasnt impressed a interesting idea messed up with rubbish camera work. Acting was ok sean bean and bob hoskins on form but couldnt save the film. The idea about making a stand against the scum that is on the british streets was good but lead to propaganda for the tabloid press that all hoodies are killers etc. would have been better if they did follow this idea to combat the street gangs and muggers, rather than organised crime maybe the director or studio bottled out and went for a bit of britsh gangaster movie i would be hard pressed to watch this again..wait for it to be on tv dont waste your money

Rating: 4:
A great look on Britain today : I thought this film was great from start to finish, with a great cast and a very clever storyline. Very well put together and hard to miss a minute of it. Reccomended

Rating: 5:
Amazing Film : One of the best films ive ever seen - the film really opens your eyes to our society and whats wrong with the way our own law lets us down.


Rating: 2:
This film largely stinks but ... : ... it's got Bob Hoskins in so it can't be all bad. That said, the director tries hard to make this unwatchable. The story is crap, there isn't enough violence and most of the characters are convincing as people on car insurance ads. Knackers.

Rating: 4:
Outlaw in training : I rented this film for the men in my life. I did not expect to enjoy it,as it was obviously going to be a bloodthirsty epic.
The story pulled you in. The characters were believable. To watch a British film with a good story and a good twist at the end was refreshing to say the least.
Being a female I appreciated Sean Bean's charisma.Bob Hoskins down to earth attitude. The whole senario had me captivated til the end.The twist in the tale was not expected.
To those who didn't enjoy it I'd say watch it again without any expectations,enjoy British workmanship and not the usual American Hype.
Yes I'd recommend it as it was Outlaws in training....view on,...

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