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Peep Show: Series 1-3 Box Set - 17.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Hilarious : David Mitchell isn't just one of England's funniest comedians, he's one of the world's. America really doesn't have much in the way of comedy since Bill Hicks' tragic death, and where else is their comedy. Mitchell is hysterically funny, cunningly witty and the only reason to watch Would I Lie to You, not counting Angus.
Webb is also great, and this series really is a landmark in television. Too long has alternative meant embarassing moments and off-time dialogue with no comedy. This is great and only a 10 year old could disagree.

Rating: 5:
englands best comedy duo! : peep show is in the top 3 for best shows in britain, along with Garth Marenghis Darkplace and The Office. they are both fantastically hilarious and are so much better than Matt Lucas and David Walliams, they are a more alternative choice than them and a better bet (if you ignore there new film magicians). series 3 is the best and if you want the best use of the 'f' word watch David 'mark Mitchell in this season. clever, funny and the best duo since dumb and dumber! no extras needed!

Rating: 5:
ENTER THE PIT OF SALACC, LITTLE CRISPS! : Peep Show is absolutely brilliant. David Mitchell and Robert Webb are probably the two best comedians around today, apart from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Forget 'Little Britain' or 'The Catherine Tate Show', Peep Show is simply the best. It's just so funny! The best thing about it is when you get to hear Jeremy and Mark's thoughts. Just hilarious! Excellent stuff!

Look out for Series 4 of Peep Show. Also consider 'That Mitchell and Webb Look' and their first film, 'Magicians', coming soon. It's all good!

Rating: 4:
Best comedy ever? No, but still worth watching... : Spaced completely passed me by when it was originally aired on C4. When I got it on DVD a few years ago, I couldn't believe what I had missed out on! When somebody told me that Peep Show was "the best sit-com ever made", I had to get the box set to see if I'd missed yet another timeless classic.

Peep Show certainly is different. In fact it really couldn't be more diametrically opposed to Spaced.

After watching Spaced, I wanted to invite every character down to my local for beers and give them all a big hug. After watching Peep Show, I wanted to invite every character down to my local and punch each and every one of them in the face!

Whereas Spaced abounds with Edgar Wright's unique cinematographic style, Peep Show is really a one-trick pony (every scene is shot as if from the point-of-view of one of the characters).

Every episode of Spaced left me with a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. Every episode of Peep Show left me feeling empty and despairing of my fellow man.

The Spaced soundtrack is filled with some of the best music ever; apart from the catchy "Flagpole Sitta" as its theme song, Peep Show has nothing.

Mitchell and Webb's "acting" reminds me of Fry & Laurie in their BBC2 sketch show days, and the supporting cast aren't a whole lot better.

Having said all this you would think I hated Peep Show, but bizarrely I quite liked it. There really are some wonderfully funny laugh-out-loud moments, some cringe-making situations worthy of Basil Fawlty, some moments of complete insanity and plenty of moments of complete inanity.

Is it the best sit-com ever? No. But it has something and I don't regret buying the box set for one moment.

Rating: 5:
Best sitcom ever : Since it's creation, this sitcom has swept the board for awards and genuine belly laughs. At under twenty quid, at around six quid per series in this box set, everyone should own it. No excuses. Forget classic British comedies like Fawlty Towers, Are You Being Served, Mr Bean and the rest, THIS is the best British comedy ever, and the best sitcom of all time.

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