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Pilates In Pregnancy - 16.48

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 1:
Boring : I must say that I am very disappointed. The routin is very boring and it is very hard to follow regularly unless you are iron minded.

Rating: 4:
Good way to maintain strength and flexibility during pregnancy : I am now well into my fifth month of pregnancy and am really glad I bought this DVD. As well as a warm up it contains two main sections - one for early stage pregnancy before you have a bump and one for later on. In the first few months of my pregnancy I continued to attend my regular Pilates classes and didn't use the DVD so much but by month three had to give the classes up and the DVD has really come into its own. If you haven't done Pilates before, don't expect a high impact workout. What you get is a set of exercises to help maintain strength in your core muscles and to maintain good flexibility and posture during your pregnancy. I'm really enjoying it and think doing it regularly will help me to get back into shape more quickly afterwards. I'm definitely going to order Lindsay Jackson's Pilates for Mums for after the baby is born.

Rating: 4:
Simple and relaxing : I haven't tried the post pregnancy workout yet, but have found the pregnancy one easy to follow and generally relaxing. It gets me moving with minimal effort!

However the flow from one exercise to the next isn't continuous, and I feel repeatedly pulled from my relaxed state as I wait for the next to begin.

Rating: 5:
A Good Investment : I hadn't done any pilates before being pregnant and was used to a much more vigorous exercise regime. The instructions are clear and concise and make performing the exercises both easy and enjoyable. I was very keen to be able to start my normal exercises as soon as possible after giving birth and I'm sure that following this program helped me maintain a much higher level of muscle tone in those important core areas, than I could have done any other way. I did get back to the gym very soon after and am eternally grateful. This DVD was definitely a good investment.

Rating: 5:
Pilates in Pregnancy - So pleased I bought this : I wanted to exercise during my pregnancy but was worried of causing harm to my Baby if I didn't do it properly. For anyone else with similar concerns this DVD is the answer - the exercises are set at a good steady pace with clear instructions so you know exactly what moves to make and how to hold yourself correctly. The DVD is also endorsed by health care professionals which is so reassuring. I plan to continue with the exercises after my Baby is born, as I feel so much better in terms of general posture and flexibilty.

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