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Pineapple Studios - Everybody Dance - 6.98

Pineapple Studios and AVID Entertainment are proud to launch a new range of dance instruction titles called Everybody Dance! Everybody Dance is a fun and stylish dance class for you and your friends. Learn the latest dance moves that will give you lots of confidence on the dance floor. Top choreographer to the stars Paulette Minott (Trouble TVs Bump N Grind; MTV) will take you through four highly effective pop routines that are well structured and easy to follow. The choreography is for everyone new to dance and those with more experience who would like to learn a strong and confident style of commercial dance inspired by artists like Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls and Nelly Furtado. So join Paulette and the Pineapple Dance Troupe for a high quality, fun and sexy teaching class that will help you to develop your dance skills. DVD FEATURES * Full body warm up session * Step By Step teach instructions by Paulette Minott covering routines for; MANEATER - NELLY FURTADO ** SOS (RESCUE ME) - RIHANNA** AINT NO OTHER MAN - CHRISTINA AGUILERA ** BEEP - THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS ** (** Denotes the artist that made the song a hit) * Alternative live switchable camera angles; Focus on footwork and Full wide angle * Full performance of each routine in pop video setting * Full body cool down session * Top Make Up Tips section from Double Take Studios * Meet the dancers of The Pineapple Dance Troupe

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Fun, but challenging dance video : This DVD can only be called a great success. It does not seem too challenging at first, but the songs are all so fast that you end up with quite a sweat. There are some complicated steps in the routines (especially turns) but everything can be mastered after doing it a few times. Moves are also often spread out over 2 or 4 counts which makes it easier to follow them.
The routines do not take up too much space and can easily be done in a small living room. Every routine consists of a chorus and a verse which is repeated several times and it takes 30 minutes to do one song so that 2 routines are an amazing workout. Even after mastering all the moves it is still fun to do and the two different camera angles plus the music video make it really fun and varied.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in dancy excercises to tone your entire body.

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