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Power Yoga Total Body [2005] - 11.69

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Great, but too many downward dogs! : This is one of the best power yoga DVDs that I have bought/used. I agree with comments from the other reviews; Rodney's voice is very soothing, the scenery is fantastic, the workout flows very well and the music is subtle and calming. HOWEVER, it does get a little boring as you seem to be doing the first section/the same bit of the routine for ages (about 150 downwards dogs!) before a new move is introduced. It's a shame as it's a good length overall, just over an hour, which is an excellent replacement for a yoga class, but I do find the first 30 minutes very samey and a bit tedious, you just become so eager to move on.

Rating: 5:
An inspiring workout! : I bought this DVD on a whim with the intention to restart my home yoga regime. I admit that at first I had to closely watch Yee to ensure I was following him correctly. He does not describe the poses and blends each cycle together, however that is what I loved about the workout. The scenary is lush and the music is not only relaxing but also indicates the change in chapter. Yee's instruction is soothing and extremely helpful.
I maintained a regular workout with this DVD and the results were spot on! I toned up and lost weight within a few weeks. If your dedicated and enjoy a challange then Yee's workout is for you! But in no way is this for beginners you need experience, stamina and commitment to really feel the benfits of Power Yoga.

Rating: 3:
Great for the experienced! : With a little prior yoga experience and after reading the previous reviews I thought this might be suitable. It wasn't really! The positions are incredible and while I admired Yee's bendiness, there was no way a fairly inexperienced person could achieve them. The pace of the DVD did not allow me to work them out and there is no advice about how to scale them down, for beginners, until suppleness improves. I would only buy this if you are quite supple and familiar with yoga already otherwise it is just frustrating.

Rating: 5:
Excellent : I've dabbled in Yoga as a form of exercise for many years, but buying this DVD was something of a revelation. I would say I came to Power Yoga as little more than a beginner; although I was familiar with many of the poses, the pace is much faster and the workout more strenuous than I was used to. If you have no experience of Yoga at all I think it would be somewhat overwhelming and can understand the reaction of some other reviewers. I've been using this DVD for about six months and can certainly feel the benefit, I'm certainly more supple and my stamina has increased, which I realised a couple of months ago when trying one of Billy Blanks's Tae-Bo DVDs which I'd not done for a while.

The workout flows from one chapter to another without a break to indicate that you are moving to the next chapter, although you can skip forwards or backwards to the beginning of the four chapters. I've actually found this an advantage as the stop/start approach of other DVD workouts can be quite irritating once you are used to the exercises. With this you can simply choose when to stop if you do not have time or feel able to complete the entire workout.

I think Rodney is an excellent instructor, the tone of his voice is ideal and never intrusive - with some instructors you wished they'd belt up for a few minutes but the balance is right here. I'll certainly buy more of Rodney's DVDs.

Rating: 2:
Definitely not for beginners!!! : My sister bought me a yoga video years ago and whilst I really enjoyed it, I thought I should upgrade to dvd so bought this one; it has a reference to good "beginners" positions on the back. Do not believe this for one second. He moves from one move to the next so quickly that it is really difficult to keep up and this is really frustrating. I am going back to my video!

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