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Pump It Up! The Ultimate Dance Workout -

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Still my favourite! : I bought this dvd last year, and have bought a few more since then - but this one still firmly remains my favourite! I love the soundtrack and once you get a hang of the moves, they are really fun to follow. I went to aerobics with a friend last week, and couldn't beleive I could keep going while everyone was dropping like flies around me - so it really does make a difference. The high energy section is a killer, but Deanne keeps you going! I love the chill out at the end, it's relaxing and keeps you very supple. I have yet to find an excercise dvd that compares.

Rating: 5:
Fantastic work out : I own all the dvd's in the 'Pump It Up' collection. And i have found this to be the best dvd by far. The others cannot compare, mainly because this was the first dvd, and a hard act to follow!

The different sections blend together very well, and I can definately feel like I've had a proper work out after completing this dvd.

The music is fantasitc and really motivating, the location of the work out is the same as the 'Call on me - Eric Prydz video', the instructor has a firm yet motivating voice.

I have used this dvd many times now, and i still find the dvd fun to work out to.

Rating: 4:
Great workout : I bought this dvd after buying the most recent, its much harder and sweated like I never have b4!!

This is a great workout dvd really gets you goin and the music is great makes you want to workout hard

The moves are quite complicaated but after a while I got them and really enjoy dancing around the living room:)

Rating: 5:
GREAT soundtrack, fantastic workout! : This DVD is excellent. I agree with some of the comments that it may not be suitable for absolute beginners, as it is quite complicated and very high impact in places. I am not the most coordinated of people, but am fit, so I find this workout enough of a challenge and am gradually getting the dance steps. My advice is don't worry too much to start with and just have fun - eventually you will pick up the moves. Of course it is highly unlikely many people will ever move like the highly trained professional dancers in the dvd, but it is fun to try!

My only criticism is I would have liked some more arm exercises, but otherwise it works every muscle group. I found that the dance/high energy sections worked muscles I didn't know I had. It was so much more fun moving to the great soundtrack rather than just doing reps of endless lunges or squats like on other exercise dvds.The music really helps to keep you going. The dance section is really fun, the high energy is very high impact (they don't have a low impact option), the toning section is good (but could have done more on the abs) and I love the chill section. It really stretches you out and relaxes you.

Although the lycra and the perfect dancers are a little off-putting from a jealousy point of view, there is something strangely motivating about watching them - I thnk it makes me try even harder!

I also have the 'pump it, burn it, lose it' dvd, and I find both are great. I can't really compare as they are different. I would say definitely buy this if you are quite fit or looking for something to challenge yourself. It's really fun!

Rating: 2:
Ouch. : Oh.My. God. Do not buy unless you have legs of steel and can move your bottom in forward, back, side to side movements with ease (and a good deal of co-ordination). Very high intensity, very hard to copy and the women are far too good looking - i felt like a heavy sack of spuds compared to them.

If you are quite fit and co-ordinated and maybe have dance experience then it could be good and i can see how it would be quite good to lose some calories too (cos you do work!) but it's all too quick.

However, the songs on here are fab - best music ever on a keep fit dvd.

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