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Rosemary Conley's Gi Jeans Weight-Loss Workout [2006] - 14.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 3:
not as good as the other... : As a huge Rosemary Fan, I have the other 2 salsacise DVD's, which I still love 12 months on, I was a bit disappointed with this one, the salsa isnt as much fun, and has a lot of strange moves, and not much salsa music either! The toning bit is great though, I really felt that helped my thighs. This is ok - but shape up and salsacise is far superior!

Rating: 4:
A Good All Round Workout! : For a start I would like to say thank goodness for the cheesy pop music, you can rely on Rosemary for it. No other workout DVD's seem to want to provide it and it really helps the exercise along!! You can also, as always with Rosemary, rely on her for a good all round workout. Not mind blowingly energetic, but enough to know you have worked.

The main workout part of this DVD is not bad. Not quite demanding the high energy level of Rosemarys best ever workout in my opinion "5 Day Fat Burner" (try it if you want a REALLY good cardio workout!!) but the aerobic-dance certainly gets the heart going. Lasts 30 mins so not bad.

Then onto the salsa section which in my opinion really lets the DVD down. I am the worlds biggest fan of Rosemary's first salsa DVD (and the second one is passable) and so the salsa is really why I bought this workout. At only 15 minutes long it just never really gets the chance to get going. Rosemary also seems to have forgotton to pick any salsa music for the section. in fact she has forgotton to pick any music with rhythm whatsoever (Blue Savannah is the soundtrack to the most energetic track!!!!)- it is REALLY slow old pop music !!! It is also annoying that after already doing a 30 minute wokout by the time the salsa starts Rosemary then does another warm up routine first!Surely she could do a seperate warm up at the start of the DVD, rather than one for each section, the we could have had 15 mins of pure salsa rather than another warmup when we are already sweating!!

The toning section is very good. Loads of good standing leg work (my legs really ached the first time!), and lots of tummy work as well. No arm work.

A very good all round workout, which lasts for a full hour. You certainly feel you have worked, witout killing yourself with it!

Rating: 4:
Good exercises, good variety, good music : Rosemary and I have been exercising together (on and off) for 15 years now, ever since I did my first real diet and followed her 28 day plan.
Since then I've been less diligent than Rosemary and have now come back to her Gi Jeans workout to firm up the wobbly bits, although I have sworn never to diet again.
I'm not sure why this is called a Gi Jeans workout, but that doesn't really matter - Rosemary is always up with the latest diet trends but the exercises remain very effective.
This departs from previous exercise dvds I've seen in that you can dance the sexy Salsa with lots of hip wiggling - which has to be good for reducing those spare tyres round the waist.
The moves are a bit tricky, but there is a short section where she shows you the moves. It's worth practicing the moves before attempting the Salsacize (as I discovered).
The other workouts are certainly good for getting your pulse and heart rates up and for getting you moving about and toning up.
It's good to see the time ticking away on the counter so you know how much longer you have to go.
Rosemary is backed by a group of very skinny women (ignore them!) and is looking much thinner herself than previous dvds.
If you want a variety of workouts, this is a very good dvd to get.

Rating: 5:
Brilliant new exercise DVD : I have done this a few times now and can really see my waist shrinking, I have lost 8lbs since Christmas by doing this DVD twice a week and cutting fatty and sugary foods right down. I like the fact that there is a counter on the screen and you can choose which of the three programmes you wish to do.

I found the salsa part a bit confusing to begin with, you have to do it a few times before you get the hang of it. Rosemary has included a short tutorial on the DVD so you can learn the steps before trying it. I also like the fact that there are hardly any sit-ups, they are kept for the short toning section so anyone who cannot get down on the floor can do the aerobic section without worry. This DVD focuses on keeping active for 30 minutes and gives options for how energetic you wish to be.

Rating: 4:
Good for those that havent exercised for a while!! : I bought this DVD after seeing my thighs in the 360 mirror when clothes shopping - shocked at what I saw..I chose this as it seemed easy and as I haven't exercised for a while it would ease me in and it has achieved that. I do think it is for the older person but you can put as much or as little effort in to the sessions as you want. So overall I am pleased with it but think I may need to step up a little when my fitness improves.

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