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Rosemary Conley's Ultimate Whole Body Workout - 4.97

When dieting guru Rosemary Conley declares that the Ultimate Whole Body Workout is her last fitness video, cynics might either be relieved that the population is finally to be spared her evangelical diet-speak, or conclude that she's "past it". However, this programme is not so easily dismissed. There might be nothing new here, but there is no doubt that a great deal of Conley's success comes from her ability to motivate. Conley first runs through the key moves featured in the work-outs, cleverly eliminating the problem of figuring it out during the sessions--and the risk of giving up. The 35-minute aerobic workout and the 20-minute body conditioning session are designed to be done on alternative days, while the final chair programme is for those with limited mobility (including pregnant women) who still want to burn calories. With no expense spared on the original soundtrack, a series of pop hits make this all the more easy to go along with. Conley punctuates her instruction with references to members of her backing team and their weight-loss successes. This is a work-out for the woman committed to being slim against all odds, and for whom dieting is likely to be a lifestyle.--Lorna V

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 3:
Outdated but still fun : I bought this because I wanted a lower impact workout than I normally get from the Nell Mcandrew videos due to an ankle and shin injury. If you can see past the painfully embarrassing music (it sounds like a mixtape from a 12 year olds birthday party!!!) then it wont drive you too mad. The workout is pretty standard stuff, warm up, aerobic dance moves and cool down, with some non-challenging tone up exercises after. This dvd is probably best suited to people who never exercise, people with a lot of weight to lose and older people who want to work out without injuring themselves. As a young woman who is fit and healthy I found this workout dated (the moves are straight out of the 80's "This Morning" classic workouts) and not much of a challenge at all. The best thing about it is that there is an extra who is working out at a low impact, one doing a moderate workout and two clearly fitter extras who are doing a far more higher impact version, this is helpful as you can choose to up the pace or not depending on your ability. The two fit extras clearly did NOT get as fit as they are from this work out though as they are heavily muscled and dont even break a sweat! I think this is much more suited to my mums generation than mine as (at 24) I would prefer something funkier that involves less "prancing" and a bit more sweating. Three stars as its great for beginners but just wont cut it for people who want to push themselves and work hard.

Rating: 5:
A great aerobics session for beginners and intermediates : I have several fitness DVDs and this is the only one that I continue to use today. I bought this in 2004, I just wanted some kind of aerobics dvd that wasnt too fast, but could get your heart pumping, as I didnt have the confidence to go to a class. I am a big girl but enjoy exercise when its like this - dance aerobics were the moves are fun to do and easy to learn.

In the last month I have also got my Mum doing this with me on a weekend. She is in her late 40s and hasnt done any exercise in 20 years and she loves this too, cos she can have a laugh and keep resting if and when she wants to. We both particluarly like how it gives you the options of following the beginner, intermediate and advanced version of the workout (by following a particular backing dancer), so Mum can follow the beginner and I can follow the intermediate. Plus you can progress if you get fitter.

The music is a little dated (mid-late nineties), but its fun to hear them again. I do it twice a week, so it isnt overly irratating yet ha ha.

I dont know how challenging it would be for advanced people who are quite fit (I dont think they would be buying this if they were anyway!), but the option is there with the 2 advanced dancers in the background, and with all the bouncing round they do its certainly draining to watch them!

But I couldnt recommend it enough for someone beginner-intermediate who just wants to have a bit of fun while getting a good all round work out.

Oh and the chair exercise in section 3 is also very good for people with limited mobility or in wheelchairs. My Mum's a support worker and has taught all her wheelchair users who want to get fit the moves she has learnt - so its great for everyone. And at such a good price, you can't lose! Try it!

Rating: 5:
One of the best workout ever : I've been working out for over twenty years, doing everything from step aerobics to circuit training and running. Over the years, I've bought a variety of exercise videos and DVDs, including Cher Fitness, Yoga, and Salsacise, and this workout has to be the best one I've done.

There are a couple of different workouts, so that you don't get bored, and you can do them both one after the other, or one one day and the other the next.

What I like best, is that they target every part of your body, from your arms and shoulders, to your stomach and legs.

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to tone their body and improve their overall fitness.

Rating: 5:
Fantastic and Fun for Beginners : This is absolutely the best video for people who aren't used to excercising or need low impact aerobics. The aerobics section is only 30 minutes long, including a warm up and a cool down, and has a timer at the bottom so you're not constantly wondering how long you have left. The entire routine is done standing up, with minimal jumping so very easy on the knees. Rosemary is very clear with the instructions and the moves are very easy to follow so you're guaranteed to do the moves correctly and efficiently. There is also a toning section which is only 20 minutes long (with warm up and cool down) and targets all areas of the body, arms, abs and thighs. I started doing this video when I was at my heaviest, 14 stone 7, and was very unfit; it was tough going at first, but not so much that put me off. I stuck to it (I did it in a small area so you don't need a lot of room) and now weigh 10 stone. It is now a bit easy for me, but I still do it on occasion as I do find it fun!

Rating: 4:
Great for Beginners! : I bought this DVD to shape up after the christmas holidays. I have only tried it once but i thought it was great. It is easy to follow and there are about 4 women with Rosemary so you can follow the one doing the workout at your preferred level, i.e beginner orexpert level the women with her are normal people who have lost weight and toned up with the help of Rosemary and i found it a help to see how they've been able to achieve it and how much weight they have lost compared to a workout where there are lots of skinny dancers who just do it for the fun of it and to make money.

the routines are quite easy to follow but sometimes i lost my co-ordination and couldn't keep up with what they were doing, although i was following the slowest one!, but its easy to get back into the rhythm of it and you can always re-do some of the exercises you've already done until you get the co-ordination to carry on.

the stretching and toning is good but again there is the co-ordination factor and at one point you are told to place your face downwards but you also need to look at the tv which is hard and she does mention it but i suppose once you've done it a few times you won't need to look at the tv anymore.

there is also a section for those who have limited accessibility, i haven't done this workout but if its like the rest of the dvd i would think that its also great.

Overall the DVD is good and easy to follow the only thing is that the music might get annoying if you did this regularly but other than that its fab!

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