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Saw 3 (Extreme Edition) [2006] - 6.98

If you've been following the devilish puzzles of the dastardly Jigsaw in the Saw series thus far, then you'll know what to expect from this formulaic, yet agreeable third entry in the burgeoning franchise. Once again, we're introduced to characters who initially appear to be random victims, who find themselves caught in ingenious, deadly traps. And once more, again, those traps come with difficult choices: death lies on one side, a fair bucketload of gore on the other.

This time though, Jigsaw lies on his deathbed, and his game involves a surgeon whose own life depends on keeping him alive. Naturally, there are a few added twists mixed in too, and while you'll find no spoilers here, it'll hardly be a revelation to declare that Saw III is reluctant to stray away from its familiar ground. This does have a significant downside, though. The original Saw had moments that were genuinely clever, that offset those other moments that were best squinted at behind your fingers. Saw III, though, reverses the balance, depending far more on schlock than it does clever plotting. It still works, and it works hard to tie itself into the previous two films, but the end result is still a diluted version of the first film.

With that in mind, Saw III is a worthwhile rental, and fans of both the series and genre are going to find moments to enjoy. But those looking for a repeat of the original's ingenuity won't be so keen, although it does leave enough promise to ensure that the already-announced Saw IV will be worth keeping an eye out for.--Simon Brew

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 5:
GORE-TASTIC : if you like your gore more than your storyline THIS is the film for you

Rating: 5:
SAW 3 sees serial killer Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda place a doctor in an unhappy marriage and a distraught man who is having trouble getting over the loss of his son at the hands of a drunk driver in a murderous situation.
Best film of 2007

Rating: 5:
Best film ever made!
MAde me puke,
saw 3 prepare for the goriest film since hostel!

Rating: 4:
excellent follow on!! : I can't believe some of the peoples reviews for this dvd, I thought it was quite good and a good follow on from the previous film. This like I say carries on from the previous film but within the film it also shows you the viewer how everything happened aswell from the first two, and the games the jigsaw makes up again are quite gruesome! I thought it was entertaining and well worth it for the price!
What happens to jigsaw you say, well buy it and find out!

Rating: 4:
see it! : I didnt really like the first saw.. i thought it was a little long winded and boring. I have never viewed the second saw, probably because i never thought id really like it.
The third saw is quite different to the first movie though. More gore/jumps and definitely worth watching. This is a must see for any true horror fan!

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