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Saw Trilogy - 22.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
GORE FEST : this is just one big gore fest with a fantastic story line....pure sick (in a good way)

Rating: 5:
A terrifying must-have trilogy : When I first watched `Saw' at the cinema back in 2003, I didn't know anything about it at all and really didn't know what to expect. This made the whole film so much more shocking.

The film begins with two men, Gordon and Adam, who don't know each other, waking up in a grimy bathroom, chained to pipes at opposite corners of the room with a dead body in the middle of the room, holding a gun and a tape recorder. Both men discover they have been left with cassette tapes reading "play me", with Gordon also receiving a bullet and a key which does not work on their shackles. Adam retrieves the corpse's tape recorder and plays his tape, and his captor tells him that he spends every day watching others, and for once he will have to make his own choices and fend for himself if he wants to live. Gordon's tape challenges him to kill Adam before the clock on the wall reaches six P.M., or his wife and daughter will die.

It then follows the investigation of the twisted serial killer known as "Jigsaw", who places his victims in torturous traps. They are then given a choice of completing a task which involves either extreme pain and suffering or, in a few cases, murder. If the victim does not complete the task in the short time limit, the victim will die.

In `Saw 2', the victims are all placed together in an inescapable house where they have all been infected by a fast-acting, killer virus. To get the cure to the virus, each of the captives must complete a task, with traps much like the ones in the original.

Without giving too much away about the main storyline of the trilogy, in `Saw 3' Jigsaw is near death and so has kidnapped a surgeon to keep him alive whilst another "game" is being played elsewhere in his warehouse.

The thing that makes the Saw films so much better than the dozens of similar films in the genre is the clever and tight storyline, which is quite rare with most gory slasher films. Each film has an extremely exciting twist at the end that just makes you want to watch the film again to see the hidden clues for yourself and also makes you crave to see the next film in the series.

Each film gets gorier and sicker and the plot gets thicker and thicker and all three are very scary indeed. Although the sequels are inferior to the original, mainly due to the style of the films - going from serial killer thriller (similar to Se7en) to an all-out gore fest, all three films are absolutely essential viewing, making this DVD boxset a definite must have for any fan of the series or any fan of the horror genre.

Rating: 4:
buy it!!! (*contains spoilers*) : A great boxed set for anyone into horror films, and well worth the money. There are few series of horror films that remain so consistently engaging...however, the films vary in quality. The first and second films are fresh, keep you on the edge of your seat with unexpected twists. However, the films get progressively less plot focused and more focused on gore. I watched them in order all at once, so this may have influenced my opinion, as I was expecting more of a thriller, like the first, rather than a gore fest. However, I would definitely go back to the third film independently from the others as it is still a great film in its own right and has some of the most horrificly creative screen deaths I've seen...another gripe would be the amount of screen time taken up with montages of previous plots, which don't add anything to the film...
Anyway, these films remain some of the best modern horror films released and are still well worth owning, with plenty of extras into the bargain...however, I have a feeling that our friend jigsaw will not be liquidising pigs in the next film, but flogging a dead horse...

Rating: 5:
A gory, terrifying, but thoroughly entertaining horror trilogy. : The Saw trilogy is one of the best and most disturbing horror series in recent years.

The first film has one of the best endings in horror movie history. It is a twist that I can't believe that anyone would see it coming. Before this shock ending, the film has plenty of terrifying moments and some genuinely tense scenes. This film will make you jump out of your skin numerous times throughout. The acting is pretty wooden which is disappointing considering some of the talent involved. Overall this is far and away the best horror movie for years. 5 stars.

The second films main problem is that because the first was so shocking, it tries too hard to up the ante in terms of making our stomach churn. The violence becomes gratuitous, rather than shocking and is so over the top it borders on cartoonish. That said it is still an entertaining film but is disappointing when compared with its predecessor. 3 stars.

The third film, whilst not as good as the first, is much improved over the second. The story follows the first more closely and there are some interesting scenes which change some of the chronology and helps make the series make more sense. There were lots of stories of people fainting in cinemas, and whilst some scenes are quite gruesome, I can't help thinking this was some carefully managed publicity from the film makers. 4 stars.

Overall this package is well worth buying. Fans of the genre won't be disappointed, and I would recommend to anyone that they must see the first one for "that" ending alone.

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