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Sharpe - The Complete Series (15 Disc Box Set) - 42.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
What have I been missing out on...? : Well, brought these for my birthday (splashing out on the special delivery option to make sure they got there on the day of my birthday) and I haven't been disappointed. Though I am only three episodes in, I love this boxset. Sean Bean is magnificient in the title role of Sharpe, bolstered by his companions the "Chosen Men." The battles are all well shot, and Sean Bean is fantastic as the charasmatic, troubled yet determined Sharpe. I am not much of a history buff, and don't think you have to be one to appreciate these episodes, just a fan of good drama with plenty of action!

I particulary love the idea of Sharpe as a man rising through the ranks, who becoming a Leiutenant and then later a Major, is more of a gentlemen, than the officers who strut around with their highly dubious morals. It takes me back to when Britain was great, and I have to cheer when Sharpe and his men wipe the floor with the French! (Not very P.C. of me, but it does make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! lol!)

Officers didn't win the battles, the men who fought in them did!

Move over Bond, Sharpe would wipe the floor with you!

I highly recommend this, and look forward to watching the other twelve! Great value for money - even though the price has dropped by 10 since I brought it! tsk!

Rating: 5:
Sharpe is fabulous! : Had my dad rolling around in the back garden, with a stick for a gun- fighting the french. Id give this 5 stars when brought for 25 quid on ebay

Rating: 5:
My favoutite series of all time. : Sharpe is the best thing since sliced bread for me. I've watched all the episodes 4 or 5 times, and love them every time I watch them.

Sean Bean is brilliant in the title role, the ultimate hero ! Forget James Bond, Sharpey is THE MAN !

The Brits are just great at making period drama, and Sharpe (along with Hornblower etc) just proves that beyond doubt.


Rating: 5:
Fantastic, addictive series : Our whole family just loved this addictive and exciting series, and looked forward to a new episode eagerly every night over the marathon of time we watched it! Very sad to bid farewell to Shape and his Chosen Men at the end..
Sean Bean is absolutely wonderful as Sharpe--and very nice to watch on screen, too! He has exactly the right blend of charm and danger. I love the character of Shape himself--he's nicely complex but also very strong and true and steady, a man who doesn't just believe in honour and courage but actually acts on it. But all the actors, and their characters, are terrific, we loved Harper of course but also Hagman and Harris and all the Chosen men, and the women too(except that we all couldn't stand Sharpe's ditsy second wife), and in fact all the characters. The plots are exciting(and there's a nice balance between fighting and intrigue)and the settings are superb(though as someone who knows Toulouse and its environs well I must say that the episode near the end, Sharpe's Revenge, which is supposed to take place at first outside Toulouse, the setting doesn't look like the green rolling hills of that area at all! Not surprising as it was filmed in Turkey..)Loved the music too, the Napoleonic-era folk songs Hagman sings are wonderful.
I also thought that the very first episode was a little awkward in places, but that soon faded as the actors got comfortable in their roles. More of Shape, please! Lots more!

Rating: 5:
They just dont make TV like this anymore! : The Sharpe series presented in a very attractive box set is a must for all Sharpe fans.
The Box contains the first 14 feature length episodes (Challenge was not filmed when this was released), the films follows the adventures of Richard Sharpe from his promotion from the ranks (very uncommon in those days) through the Neapolean Wars to the final battle of Waterloo, his promotions, frienships, trials and love life.
Each episode is based on the Cornwall books with the exception of Sharpes Justice (Number 13), though slightly out of sync with the books it still makes for exceptional viewing and follows on from one to the other relitively well.
The battle scenes are an anti-climax from the books due to the much smaller scale but the atmoshere is just as rich.

Jion the chosen men and relive the excitement of the era!

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