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Sleeping With The Enemy [1990] - 2.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 1:
So awful it hurts : Reasons why this is a bad film:

1. The acting. Bergin's idea of obsessive / scary is to whisper his lines and open his eyes wide. A pine table could easily have replaced Roberts because she is so wooden. And Anderson is creepier and more threatening than the nasty husband; for long stretches of this movie he is the one who is stalking Roberts' character.

2. The direction. Flat, uninspiring and obvious. The film is replete with sign-posted `shocks' and even manages a half-hearted false ending / not-really-dead moment.

3. The script. Packed with lines like `My wife can't swim but I'm sure I can persuade her to join us on a trip on your boat in a storm.' We also get to see Roberts planning her escape to the smallest detail that includes smashing the lights on a set of lampposts and packing a change of clothes. Then following her escape she scampers home, cuts her hair and throws her wedding ring down the toilet, thus wasting time and leaving clues. Why not just put a note on the fridge saying `Ha Ha. I'm not really dead'?

This is a real stinker of a movie. Only worth watching in an ironic, post-modern way or if you are a Roberts completist.

Rating: 5:
SO MOVING IT HURTS : A wonderful film that explores adultery and obsesion.
The Story of lust and the addiction of Julie Johnson for Dick Grimstone and the need of Julie Jackson for Peter Tibbs.
This is a film of split-personality and sexual addiction - but will Julie end up ugly - drunk - and looking older than her years like the character Emma Hyde?
This is Julia Roberts at her very best

Rating: 4:
Different : This is a tricky subject for a film, or it was more so when it was released. Audiences don't like taboo issues raised, they like distinct genres. I'm not sure if I think Patrick is the epitomy of a scary man, yet I guess maybe that's part of the illusion - scary people normally seem pretty normal, sad people seem pretty together. This is a scary film, psychological. It's kind of touching too and I can tell you in parts both situation and character true. I have renewed beleif in Julia after I read during filming Patrick actually did miss the sandbags and really get her pretty hard - she took it, that's a bit more than acting duty as well as putting yourself on the career line to do something different.
Makes you look at people on the street differently and for those who've had a sheltered life think about what it's like for other people behind the scenes, so more than an easy popcorn film. Ultimately positive and hopeful.

Rating: 5:
Amazing! : This film, is by far, one of the best movies ever. The acting is great, the storyline is great, and the suspense is fantastic.

Storyline: Julia Roberts plays Laura, a young, married woman, who on the surface, leads a happy life. But behind closed doors, her life is a nightmare. Her husband beats her. One night, they go sailing, and Laura falls into the water, and her husband thinks she has drowned, because she could never swim. Only, she had learned to swim, and she had not drowned. She escaped, and swam back to shore, where she gathered her things and fled. She now lives a new life, under a new identity, hoping and praying that her husband won't discover that she's alive and find her. Only, he does, and he is after her..

This film is fantastic, and I have yet to find anyone who didn't like it. If you're buying a new movie, then this is definitly one for your collection. I'd give it 100/100.

Rating: 4:
brilliant acting- scary : although now obviously a little dated, this is one of my favourite films with a good story line. Julia Roberts, as always, very good in the role of the nervous and frightened wife and Patrick Bergin at his most calm, quiet yet menacing character. You anticipate what will happen next but the whole film is held together very well with a breathtaking climax.

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