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Snatch - Two Disc Set [2000] - 5.97

Snatch, the follow-up to the Guy Ritchie's breakthrough film--the high-energy, expletive-strewn cockney-gangster movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels--hardly breaks new ground being, well, another high-energy, expletive-strewn cockney-gangster movie. Okay, so there are some differences. This time around our low-rent hoodlums are battling over dodgy fights and stolen diamonds rather than dodgy card games and stolen drugs. There has been some minor reshuffling of the cast too with Sting and Dexter Fletcher making way for the more bankable Benicio Del Toro and Brad Pitt, the latter pretty much stealing the whole shebang as an incomprehensible Irish gypsy.

Moreover, no one can complain about the amount of extras featured on this DVD that includes 15 minutes of deleted scenes, a making-of documentary, trailer, storyboards, production notes and commentary from Ritchie himself. And, sure, people who really, really liked Lock, Stock--or have the memory of a goldfish--will really, really like this. The suspicion lingers, however, that if the director doesn't do something very different next time around then his career may prove to be considerably shorter than that of 'er indoors. --Clark Collis

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
A British Gangster Classic : Guy Richie's follow up to Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels is every bit as astonishing as its predecessor. The humour is better and I have never seen people in a cinema laugh as loud and as frequently as they did here. Vinnie Jones plays a similar role as Big Chris, here as Bullet Tooth Tony. His appearance is limited but boy does he make an impact. Even when he is not on screen there is much to savour from Dennis Farina as Avi and a trio of pawnbrokers who are sent to rob a bookies. Brad Pitt sheds his movie start personna and preforms impressively as an Irish gypsy. Unlike Lock Stock.. the humour will appeal to all nationalities. However they mind some slang expressions such as Pikey and blag hard to understand. Good performances, fantastic characters, razor sharp dialogue, expert direction and camera work and brilliant humour, Snatch will make you laugh more than any other movie this year. Alos watch out for Statham's performance as Turkish (He was named that because he was born near a Turkish Restaurant;He's perfectly Anglo Saxon!) See it now.

Rating: 3:
Not me cup'o'tea' matey.. : Snatch is a British gangster action film, actors were great esp. Brad Pitt and Guy Ritchie. The storyline is OK, wouldnt say perfect. Has some funny bits, BUT most of the scenes about the pikies and gypsies just annoying. it gets boring throughout the film. Its funny at first but then its predictable after and it just killed it.
This is not the sort of film you would keep watching and watching, well not for me anyway. But for its price, its pretty cheap so Buy it and judge for yourself. If its not your 'cup o tea' then theres always the Amazon Marketplace you could sell it on.

Rating: 5:
and excellent film u have to buy it : i love this film no matter how many times i watch i always laugh at de same bits and i enjoy the film as much as i did the first time i watched it anyone who likes action films will love this film i can watch it over and over again it is one of the best gangster films i have eva watched not to mention lock stock and sexy beast which are to more great british gangster films british gangster films seem to be the best, funniest, witty, very subtle at times, and unique but they r still great if u but anyone of the films i have talked mentioned you will not be disappointed on action and u will be suprised by all the endings of each film ya wont expect it

Rating: 5:
GUY RICHIE NEVER DISSAPOINTS.........NEVER !! !! !! !! : This is one of Guy Richies best films, if i may say so myself, along with Lock Stock'.
As with almost all of his films this is endlessly watchable and extremely entertaining. Its 18 certificate doesnt hide the fact that this is entertaining in a way that almost anyone can enjoy this film because of the way its fast paced, funny, stylish and just brilliant in every way.
The story to this is brilliant and although its not too complicated it is just such a fast paced film and even though there are some talkative moments you NEVER get bored. Uusually because of the script as the accents (which dont sound too fake as the cast is bril'), slang and jokes used are just hilarious at times. The characters in this film are unforgetable and all have stay in your mind afterwards, everyone has their favorite..
Like i said earlier the cast is just bril' and the characters are acted superbly, Vinni Jones is great and Brad Pitt is hilarious as the Fighting Pikey.
Everyone should watch this as its entertaining for pretty much all audiences (im a B-movie horror/gore/zombie/slasher fan myself and i loved this) so buy it now, and if you are gonna buy it then get this 2-disc version as it has a decent bundle of extras on the bonus disc.

Rating: 5:
Fantastic! : Highly talented writer/director Guy Ritchie delivers another masterpiece with Snatch, that equals the sheer quality and genius of his other masterpiece, Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrells. Once again the film is edgy with vast undertones of dark, gritty realism centering on the underworld but refreshingly encapsulates a darkly humorous side to it making the film have an even balance and therefore making it more enjoyable and entertaining in the process. The film has a host of subplots all shrewdly linked to the main storyline and a wealth of characters including a couple of likeley Cockney lads who are two novice unlicensed boxing promotors, Turkish (Jason Statham) and Tommy (Stephen Graham), fellow boxing promotor Brick Top (Alan Ford), Mickey O'Neil played by Brad Pitt as an Irish gypsy who gets roped into the boxing match where his opposition is rigged to win, Avi (Dennis Farina) as the man due to deliver a stolen 86 carat diamond and Bullet Tooth Villain (Vinnie Jones) who Avi hires to trace the diamond after he is robbed. The characters and performances are superb and vastly convincing, the host of plots are well-structured and the attutude-laced dialogue rides along like a roller coaster. Snatch on the whole is an utterly compelling film that will grip your attention and not let it go until the film is completed. Essential viewing and the extra features on this DVD are an added bonus. Highly recommended!

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