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Spaced - Definitive Collectors' Edition - £14.98

Spaced is a sitcom like no other. The premise is simple enough: Daisy (Jessica Stevenson) and Tim (Simon Pegg) are out of luck and love, so pretend to be a couple in order to rent a flat together. Downstairs neighbour and eccentric painter Brian suspects someone's fibbing, and almost blows their cover with their lecherous lush of a landlady, Marsha. Fortunately he soon falls for Daisy's health-freak friend Twist, while Daisy herself goes ga-ga for pet dog Colin. Tim remains happily platonic with lifemate Mike; a sweet-at-heart guns 'n' ammo obsessive. The series is chock-full of pop culture references. In fact, each episode is themed after at least one movie, with nods to The Shining and Close Encounters of the Third Kind proving especially hilarious. Hardly five minutes goes by without a Star Wars reference, and every second of screen time from Bill Bailey as owner of the comic shop where Tim works is comedic gold. The look of the series is its other outstanding element, with slam-zooms, dizzying montages, and inspired lighting effects (often paying homage to the Evil Dead movies). It's an affectionate fantasy on the life of the twenty-something that's uncomfortably close to the truth.

The second series finds the gang at 23 Meteor Street a little older, but definitely none the wiser. Tim's career is hampered by severe hang-ups over The Phantom Menace. Daisy's career is just plain non-existent. There is still a spark of sexual tension between them, but it's overshadowed by Brian and Twist getting it on. Propelling the seven-episode series arc is the threat of Marsha discovering that none of the relationships are what they seem, Mike's increasing jealousy and a new love interest for Tim. That's the basis for a never-ending stream of in-jokes and references that easily match the quality of the first series. Tim has a Return of the Jedi flashback, then déjà vu in reliving the end of The Empire Strikes Back. There are spoofs of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Robocop, The Sixth Sense and comedy rival The Royle Family. There are guest spots from Bill Bailey, Peter (voice of Darth Maul) Serafinowicz and The League of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith. Every episode is packed with highlights, but this series' guaranteed geek pant-wetting moments have to be the mock gun battles, slagging off Babylon 5 and learning that "The second rule of Robot Club is: no smoking." Jessica Stevenson won a British Comedy Award for this year. It deserved a whole lot more. --Paul Tonks

On the DVD: This three-disc collector's edition contains all the extras from the previous DVD releases, plus a host of brand new features including music promos, cast interviews, and an in-depth and specially filmed documentary featuring interviews with cast members including Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, Nick Frost, cameo actors (Bill Bailey, David Walliams, Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith) and journalists. It also includes a tour made by Simon, Jessica and Edgar of different show locations with clips of archive footage from the very first programmes Simon and Jess appeared in together.

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Disco Fudge!!! : Like most people who love Spaced for all the reasons previous reviewers have mentioned I already own the DVDs. However, I had to see the extras documentary included in this special edition so I used amazon rentals.

The extras disk is ace! There's a fun music video that uses loads of the shows dialogue but it's the documentary that you have to see.

Simon, Jessica and Edgar tour the locations and chat about all you could want them to in that friendly banter style that works so well. All the other memorable characters/actors chat about the Spaced days. There's also some great before spaced clips from shows that Simon and Jessica worked on.

It's weird to watch and think of how people like Bill Bailey and David Walliams weren't as famous as they are now when they did Spaced.

Best of all on the end of the documentary is a lovely moment that's a bit of wish fulfilment for fans still praying for a 3rd series.

So, basically if you have resisted buying the previous version of the DVDs and were thinking of getting them now I would get this Special Edition if I was you.

Rating: 5:
Eh? : I'm sorry I just had to post a review saying that Spaced IS BRILLIANT after the load of old tosh in the last entry...It does speak volumes that he gave it 1* and yet the average rating is 5*! Have you no taste man?!


Rating: 1:
This makes Terry and June look like comedy : OK - I'm not the target audience (who is - skateboarders with too many head landings?) but...the pace is soooo slow, the gags are flagged ten minutes before they happen and the scenario is so old fashioned it could be a Victorian period piece (make that Edwardian!)

The biggest problem is - it's not funny!

Still - that's another 3 coffee cup coasters I dont need to buy

Rating: 5:
The best t.v series...... EVER!!!! : This Situation comedy about two twenty somethings, Tim Bisley, whose a lover of StarWars, violent video games, skatebording, and everything else your supposed to grow out of when your 10, (Basically everthing i'll still love when i'm 40, bearing in mind i'm currently 15.) played by Simon Pegg(Shuan of the Dead and Hotfuzz, and Big nothing). And Daisey Steiner, whose a work avoiding, wishing to be journalist, whose nice (when not in a mood), freindly and fairly shy played by the wonderful Jessica Stevenson. Basically Tim gets chucked by his girlfreind and is flat hunting, and Daisey, is flat hunting too, and they get to know one another and, under the pretence that they are a couple, manage to find a flat, 23 Meteor street, that is owned by Marsha. Marsha is the Land lady who lives upstairs with her Teenage daughter, Amber ( who you never actually see, just hear!). In the Flat below them is the "eccentric" painter Brian, who often appears to be, attacking the Canvas! With there oddball assortment of freinds, Brian (Mark Heap),Twist the "Fashion expert" and Mike, the Gun loving, grenade lobbing, lifemate of Tim, who'd rather be in "Apocalypse now" than sleep in on a sunday morning, (Nick frost). Not forgeting the Rave mad Tyres, who takes the band clubbing in episode 6 epiphanies. However the series just really goes on to show how the two new flatmates cope with a life thats lived very much on the edge of normality.
My credit goes forth to Simon Pegg And Jessica Stevenson who wrote the scripts, producer Nira Park and the Genius behind it all.... Edgar Wright. SPACED is the only Sitcom of its genre, is the only sitcom to only use one camera, and is the only sitcom to have soooooooo many references to pop culture. Such as: The shining,The King and I , Breif encounters of the third world, Resident Evil,Evil dead, Apocalypse now,The Ring , the Exorcist( very light hearted), peter and the wolf, The Matrix, one flew over the Cuckoos nest, (The forgotten tv show that is robot wars, YES, i know its not a film!), one hour photo, STAR WARS and many more. It also has some Bangi'n tunes in the background, like the A team Remix.
So if your a film nut like myself or just have a decent sense of humour then this forgotten Gem, that is as intelligent as it is hillarious, is for you. With it's clever plot, and diffirent theme for each episode. Personally i also think this is also a brilliant way to capture things you'll remember from your chilhood like me, (if you were under 10 when it was aired on channel 4 in 1999 and series two in 2001) things such as the telly series Robot Wars and the shampoo Pantene Pro V, also the Comic company Dark star, that beleive has deteriated sadly.
Anyway i feel i would be doing all you guys and gals out there a injustice if i didn't advise you too get this. See it.......... For ya own sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5:
Squalour rocks! : It's strange how sit-coms like Spaced and Peep Show which supposedly depict the bottom of society's scraping barrel make their brand of squalid urban living so remarkably appealing. A fast paced and savvy Brit-com laden with cultural references and elevated caricatures Spaced manages to weave some real drama into its comedy without ever taking itself too seriously.
Spaced follows the adventures of Tim (Simon Pegg) and Daisy (Jessica Stevenson/ Hynes), two newly single Londoners who find themselves living together after a chance encounter in a greasy spoon and posing as a couple in order to satisfy the requisites of the landlady. The chemistry between these two is by turns hilarious, poignant and touching but its the supporting cast that provide the icing on this comedy cake.
Nick Frost's obsessive militant Mike is a comic gem but my all time favourite is the neurotic artist Brian (played by the glorious Mark Heap).
A good few of British comedy's usual suspects such as Kevin Eldon and Bill Bailey also make fun and memorable appearances with a pre Little Britain David Walliams providing one of the series' highlights as a Leigh Bowery-esque performance artist.
If, like me, you missed out on Spaced in its original run then this 3 disc set will prove a real treat, boasting both series of the show with a slew of deleted scenes and an excellent and comprehensive "making of" documentary. The "homage-o-meter" is also a fun little extra.
I bought this set more or less blind having only seen a few episodes of series two. A few months on and I regard it as one of the best purchases I've ever made. The show moves with such relentless speed cracking off so many gags and comic riffs its replay value is tremendous as you will always find something that you missed first time. Also, when the belly laughs fade with familiarity it is the human drama bethind the larger than life characters that will have you watching again and again.

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