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Spooks - Series 4 - Complete [2002] - 14.98

A gripping British antidote to the counter-terrorism related drama that's coming from the US, Spooks' secret agents are back on superb form in this enthralling fourth season. The DVD set features all ten episodes, and there's an immense amount to enjoy.

For those new to Spooks, it's a drama that's packed with twists and turns, clever characterisation, conspiracies and a generous dollop of intrigue. The Spooks of the title are counter-terrorism spies, living in a constant world of danger, and some of the edgy plotlines of this and the seasons that preceded it are testament to that.

After the minor criticisms levelled at season three, this fourth series jumps back into action, and while you won't find spoilers here, it quickly exceeds expectations. So when the credits roll at the end of the superb final episode, there are few who won't be checking out a release date for the fifth series.

Inevitable comparisons to 24 ensue, but the beauty of Spooks is that it has enough verve and enough ideas to carve out a niche all of its own. It's an excellent piece of British television drama, and while its tough approach won't engage with all, the majority are likely to find themselves hooked. And quickly. --Jon Foster

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
SPOOK'S. : Their's one thing that this show's not scared to do is ,either kill off principle charactor's or just let them disappear,let's face it, just because their's no Tom,Zoe or Danny, in the serie's any more, doe'snt mean this is any less interesting.SPOOKS tell's it as it is,that the real threat's to the British public at the moment arn't foreign power's,but more domestic,and people will complain that this show is targeting British born Muslim's as that threat,which to be honest is sadly true.Serie's four started with a bang and ended with it's usual cliffhanger,SPOOKS never disapoint's with it's gripping storylines and great acting.THIS IS BRITISH DRAMA AT IT'S BEST,IT'S JUST A SHAME ABOUT THE YEAR GAP BETWEEN EACH SERIE'S .

Rating: 5:
MI-5 STARS : People in the US rave about how good shows like Fox Network's 24 is, but after seeing "SpookS" (not a very politcally correct term in the US!!) I realize what crap US shows like 24 really are. I have to say MI-5 is the best television I've ever seen. I hope the US networks don't steal this show's concept and try to recreate a US version of it. Pete in Minneapolis

Rating: 5:
The best season yet...... : I recently got hooked on Spooks after catching re-runs on tv. I have just finished season 4 and my biggest complaint is that there isn't enough episodes of Spooks per series!

Each episode in season 4 was fantastic from 1-10. Martine McCutcheon was a brilliant addition to episode 1 but the best episode as you'd expect was episode 10. Season 4 sees the usual betrayals, backstabbing, power-struggles, terrorists and conspiracies that we're used to seeing with Spooks but the finale to season 4 is by far the best finale yet! I wish they'd hurry up and get season 5 on dvd as I'm getting withdrawal symptoms already!

Rating: 5:
one of the best series I know : Great, I've seen all the episodes of the 4 seasons. It's always a great pleasure, a bit scary I must say, but so close to our era... The characters are fabulous, I especially appreciate Harry Pearce, and his britishness... I recommend it as much as I can !

Rating: 5:
I can't stop watching . . . : I loved this series, ten hours of riveting near death experiences, betrayals, twists, turns and new characters. It's true that the team faced lots of these threats before (bombs, interfering superiors, traitors or not) but the situations are new and the new characters react differently. I Iiked Dany and zoe, but Adam, Zaf and Jo work well together in the same way that Tom and the other two did. Losing Fiona was bad, but the plot was good, building on something we knew since Tom left. Portrayal of Adam afterwards was well done as well I think

No one else so far has commented on Juliet as a character. I really like her, Anna Chancellor is perfect as a strong powerful woman not afraid to say what she thinks on all occasions.

Also, most people here seem to be saying either you like 3 and 4 is bad, or 3 was a blip and now we're back on track. I've likeed all seasons so far, but I think this one might just be my favourite, particularly because of the Ruth Harry thing. Not exactly unexpected I know, but still.

Basically, It's definitely worth getting if you liked the other seasons.

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