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Supernatural : Complete Season 1 (6 Disc Box Set) [2006] - 16.97

Supernatural, like so many successful shows before it, starts with a simple concept. When their father goes missing, two brothers--Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester--head off across the country to try and find him. But their journey isn't easy, especially when you consider the assortment of spirits and nightmarish creatures that stand in their path.

On paper, that sounds a derivative mix of many shows that have gone before it. And to some extent, that's what Supernatural is, yet its mix is nonetheless compelling. What lifts it above the norm is the quality both of the writing, and crucially, the direction of the show. There are moments that are spooky, and some that are downright scary, with plenty of suspense linking the two. And while the 22 episodes have their fair share of peaks and troughs, Supernatural has an edge about it that easily carries it through its slower points.

At the heart of the show, ironic considering the number of other programmes it tips its hat to, is a desire to do things its own way, and for that reason, come Supernatural's maiden season finale, it leaves a real thirst for more episodes. Fortunately, the second season is already in the can, and we suspect it'll continue to grow the number of fans that Supernatural is rightly earning for itself. --Jon Foster

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
100% fantastic show!HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! : "Supernatural" is just outstanding!A mixture of comedic moments along with darker and more emotional subject matters-the show goes from strength to strength!Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki's relationship as brothers is undeniably realistic, a credit to their acting abilities! I love the change in character of both brothers and the ongoing plot in both seasons is kept up with surprising power! Shocks, horror and disaster combined with twists and jokes makes this a must see show!If you loved Angel or Buffy then this is a definite....1000x better, faster, intense and full-proof storyline! Absolutely ace!

Rating: 5:
GREAT! : With my job I move around all the time and so I never get to watch much TV apart from CNN and so I rely on DVD boxsets and the Amazon reviewers. This was recommended by my sister and I have to say that it is fab.
It's a show that has it all, hot guys, violence, spooky stuff, the lot!
Kind of reminds me of Buffy when it was good.
The leads are perfect for this type of show, i know some reviewers thought them unbelievable as they were so good-looking but isn't that the point?
The star for me is Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. I had seen him in a few things, namely Smallville and really he's never done it for me at all but in this I just find him so hot. The humour has me in stitches with him gettig most of the best lines and unlike Tom Welling he has more than 2 facial expressions!
Jared Padelecki makes a perfect straight man and you can tell the 2 have a good rapport off set.
I really enjoyed the episode with the scarecrow and also the season finale.
As I bought the box set in France it came with the special features and it really is a shame that the UK version does not have these, the bloopers are so good.
I am really looking forward to getting season 2 which I have ordered. I have watched some of it online, with fave episodes being Heart and Tall Tales. You have never lived until you have seen a frat boy slow dancing with an alien!

Rating: 4:
A real gem of a show! : Now before I start, I'd like to point out that this show is most definitely a 5 -star show!

However, I have awarded it 4 stars because the UK version severely lacks on DVD extras and bonus features. The US release contains buckets loads of cool extra stuff whereas the UK version contains no extras whatsoever.

Regardless, I bought this DVD for the show and not the extras and although they would have been nice, I managed to survive with just the show!

I purchased this DVD one day because I was running low on things to watch and I remembered catching an episode on TV about a year ago which I remembered to be quite good!

My memory had not failed me because this show really is top class stuff!

The plot follows two `demon slaying' brothers on the search for their missing father. I say `demon slaying' but they're more general supernatural hunters. As the episodes progress, the brothers hunt down various demons in an attempt to track down their father. However, it's not all about the demons but also follows the relationship of the two brothers through situations that will push their friendship to the extreme.

This show will leave you on the edge of your seats as you fly through the unknown world of the supernatural before being grinded to a halt in the season finale which provides a twist that will leave you crying out for more!

Obviously this will not be everyone's cup of tea but if you like the sound from this review, buy it. You will NOT be disappointed.

A sleek, funny and terrifying show that will keep you gripped.

Roll on the complete season 2 DVD!

Show: 5/5
DVD: 2/5

Rating: 2:
Not really all that interesting... : I expected something more, but the hype only covers a so-so show in a long tradition of X-files and Buffy-spinoffs, to which Supernatural really doesn't add anything new. Even though the series has its really creepy moments, it is unoriginal and not very engaging.

Two brothers drive arund the US hunting supernatural threats (mostly ghosts), but every episode follows the same formula, and the characters aren't all that interesting. Where most shows have an ensemble of interesting lead roles, this one only has two, and they're kind of thin. There is an overarching story-line concerning their dead mother, relations to each other and their missing dad, and a "big boss evil", but it never really caught me.

The storylines concerning ghosts and spooky sites are actally pretty scary at times, but they are two-dimentional and repetitive, and the sollution to every problem is to burn the ghost's body or kill the creature with some 'magic bullet' that the brothers just happen to pull out of their sleeve. Basically, the writers appear to look through a lot of mythology-books, comics (and dare I say role-playing games?), and have the brothers run into whatever seems interesting.

I've enjoyed watching the show with my girlfriend, but despite fair acting and a few memorable effects and ideas, Supernatural doesn't have much to offer. Watch it if it appears on a TV near you, but don't bother buying it.

Rating: 5:
Just the ticket! : I first stumbled accross this by accident. Originally, I thought it wasn't really my thing, but after the first episode, I was hooked.

Two brothers, on an endless road trip, their goal to find their missing father and bump off a few nasty demons on the way. It's total escapism, with the all american stars who both have unnaturally white teeth and some stunning scenary.

Really, though, if you like it for what it is, there's no faulting it. Well worth a watch! (or few)

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