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Supernatural - Season 2 Part 1 - 25.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
The dead should stay dead - didn't you see Pet Sematary? : After witnessing the death of their mother by paranormal means, (she was sucked up into the ceiling and then burst into flames) two brothers, Sam and Dean, travel all over America to avenge her death. They hunt demons, ghosts and whatever else they can find in the hope that they will eventually capture and kill the demon responsible for their mother's demise.

Supernatural is one of the shows that is destined to follow in the footsteps of Buffy and X files, becoming a truly great dark fiction series. Season Two opens following the explosive Season One Finale. The Winchesters (Sam, Dean and their father John) are all in hospital recovering from a violent car crash. Sam and John are recovering well; however, Dean awakens only to find that he is having an out of body experience and is likely to die. Never fear, Dad comes to the rescue and makes a deal with someone that you should never make deals with (did the story of Faust teach us nothing).

John Winchester exchanges his life for Dean's and with his last breath whispers into Dean's ear that someday he may have to kill his brother because Sam has a destiny that definitely will be tainted with darkness. As the two brothers try to figure out what will happen to Sam and if they can stop it, they embark on a series of scary, humorous and entertaining adventures. Armed with shotguns filled with rock salt they encounter everything from Psycho Carnies in Clown Suits to Dead chicks that can run.

In the first part of Season Two we meet a few new characters, the best of which is Ash, a redneck MIT dropout who is all business up front and a party in the back. I hope that he will become a series regular, as he is a witty and welcome addition to the cast. We also learn a bit more about Sam's destiny as the first part of Season Two is full of intriguing hints about revelations to come.

The first Season of Supernatural was a great watch and the first part of Season Two does not disappoint. Therefore, if you love programmes that are filled with movie references and storylines that are steeped in myth and legend, you will love Supernatural.

Rating: 4:
Not bad at all : I watched the first season and was pleasantly pleased by what I saw, not being a girl or in it for the eye candy I wasnt sure what to expect but the plot is compelling enough to keep the whole things working even if some of the spooks seem a bit to " Buffyisque " for my liking.

The second season so far does away with that in the sense its more pyschologically driven . The acting chemistry which was the most enjoyable thing for me is still right up to scratch and we get to see some new characters ( redneck IT whizz with mullet ) who look like they might play some factor in future storylines too.

Some episodes are bit lack lustre ( zombie girlifriend and bad cope one ) and the never ending trend of nice lookin sing mother parents are still there - though not as abundant so over all this hold up well.

Not so much of change as tweaking I would say , a toning down perhaps of the hunt and kill regime , more intrigue and so better IMO.

If I was to pick id give it 3 and half so far buts that only based on this half of season 2 and fact 2 episodes were prob the worst of the seris yet, the next half I will wait and see..

Rating: 5:
Best show to come to the small screen in a very long time : This show just keeps on getting better and better. Although in the opening of season 2 we have some loss to contend with. The departure of JDM from the show was always going to happen, just had to see how and when, we found that out in epsoide one 'In my time of dying', where John makes a deal with the YED himself. Dean and Sam once again, get to travel across the country fighting evil. Dean is very angry with life in general. he feels guilty for what his father did for him. We meet some different hunters this season, one in particular called Gordon. Gordons character is very much like Dean in season one, get the job done no matter what. The boys also meet someone from their fathers past. We also have Bobby back on a more regular basis. There will be secrets revealed this season. There will be Reapers, Clowns, Vampires, Zombies, People like Sam and many more adversaries to contend with, that is just in the first half of this fanstatic show. You feel the emotions the brothers feel, you laugh one minute with them and cry the next. If you have not seen Supernatural on the small screen, please buy the boxsets from Amazon, you will not be disappointed. This is by far the best show to come to the small screen in a long long time, give it a watch, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5:
the winchester boys are back in town : Sam and dean winchester. Brothers. One strait laced. One a wild boy. Forced together by circumstance, they travel the backroads of america, hunting ghosts and demons and other monsters. But Sam has a special talent and a possible dark destiny awaiting him. Can his brother save him from that?

A superb show. Make engrossing by two very well drawn main characters, and two great actors playing them who have great chemistry together. All episodes feature self contained plots, whilst the bigger ongoing story of sams destiny moves along nicely in the background from week to week.

This box set contains the first eleven episodes of the second season, which runs for twenty two episodes in total. thus another half season box set, and then a complete season collection should be along in due course. The show is really on the top of it's game throughout these eleven episodes, and there's not a duff one amongst them.

Extras are nothing more than a handful of deleted scenes for certain episodes, and the option to watch each without the usual reprise at the start. The lack of extras is disappointing, but it's still a quality programme well worth getting into

Rating: 5:
One of the best shows out there (possible spoilers) : Season two picks up almost straight after where season one left us. Dean is critically ill in hosptial whilst his brother and father look on. Of course Dean lives to see another day - this is only the first episode, after all.

Like with Season one where the plot revolves around the brothers searching for their father, season two revolves around a secret John shares with Dean that involves Sam and why the demon is so interested in them.

In this season we also discover that Dean and Sam are not the only hunters, and that Sam is not alone in possessing the powers we discovered he had in Season one.

This season is, in my opinion, even better than the first, with great episodes such as Heart which pluck at the heartstrings of even those of you with who have hearts of ice. Simon Says is great if only to see Dean being tricked into losing his car. Tall Tales has got to be one of the best and most hilarious episodes of both seasons combined. "blah blah blah blah blah" (You will know exactly what I mean if you've seen it!) And the sly references in Hollywood Babylon are also amusing - particuarly when we see Sam's face as they pass the lot where Gilmore Girls is filmed.

The season explores the relationship the two brothers share much deeper than in the previous season (and I am not refering to anything remotely 'wincestual'!)

I cannot convey how great this season and show is. If you like Buffy, Smallville, Point Pleasant, Tru Calling and even the OC (as well as many others) you should definately give this a try!

And if you watched the first season, you NEED to watch the second!

And I'm really, pretty sure about that (;D)

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