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The Craft [1996] - 4.97

If Buffy the Vampire Slayer represents the lighter side of high school as a macabre experience, here's a movie that asks the burning question, "What happens when angst-ridden teenagers develop supernatural powers?" More to the point, how do four outcast teenaged witches handle their ability to cast wicked spells on the taunting classmates who've nicknamed them "The Bitches of Eastwick"? The answer, of course, is "don't get mad, get even." That's about all there is to this terminally silly movie, which makes up for its ludicrous plot by letting its young female cast have a field day as they indulge their dark fantasies. Fairuza Balk is enjoyable as the most wicked of the witches, and is therefore the focus of the film's most dazzling special effects. But it's Neve Campbell from television's Party of Five who made this film a modest box-office hit, just before she became her generation's fright-movie favorite in Scream and its popular sequel. --Jeff Shannon

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
FAB : this is an exellent film and u got some some people acting in it u have fairuza balk (who plays Nancy) who stared in the wizard of oz sequal return to oz, robin tunney (who played sarah) who started in Empire Records along side liv tyler, Neve Campbell (played Bonnie) who is famous for her role in teen show Party of five and muplitple successful film roles, and Rachel True who layed Rochelle who can be seen in the trouble channels "Half and Half".

if u like the witchy magic films with a bit of a dark side thats not too scary this is the film for u defo i love this film good for halloween when all else fails : )

Rating: 4:
enchanting and fun : Many of my friends had told me that this film was awful but when i watched it for myself I quite diagreed. I havn't seen a film quite like it.
It's basically about four teenage girls who are starting to practice withcraft. Sarah is a new addition to the group and is the innocent one who always does the right thing. Nancy is sexy, confident and power hungry. Although she goes a bit crazy I can't help but admire her huge smile and spectacular performance. Come to think of it all of the performances are good, even the annoying boys in their class that pick on them, they're just hilarious.
There has been a lot of research gone into this film and I think it shows a true representation of the types of spells and charms that actually exist. I am now very interested in witchcraft and wicca, and would like to find out more.
The film has got passion, romance, angst, drama, a cool magical cat fight, humour, really cool special effects and of course magic - there's also a little bit of a moral at the end. The soundtrack is awesome, especially "I Have the Touch" by Heather Nova which is just amazing.
I would seriously advise you to watch it, it's ace and I'm now obsessed with it. Check it out!

Rating: 4:
Spellbinding! : The best thing about this film is Fairuza Balk; she's a brilliant actress with a penchant for crazy bitch roles (see American History X for her as a diminuitive psycho Neo-Nazi) and as far removed from the plastic Hollywood blonde as you could wish! Her manic performance easily steals the show, but her co-stars put up a fairly good fight, particularly Robin Tunney as the quiet, but intense Sarah (the film's heroine, to be sure).

Three schoolgirls (Neve Campbell, Balk,Rachel True)are the resident campus weirdos who dabble in witchcraft. Along comes Sarah with the ability for the craft to make up the 4th corner of the witches' circle. All goes swimmingly as they plot revenge spells against their classmates forgetting the lesson of Karma. Classmates get just desserts but lo and behold, the witches find that in the process they too begin to suffer. Nancy (Balk) decides to cast the daddy of all spells, turns into the barmy army and all hell breaks loose. You still with me? Can Sarah fight off Nancy's assault, can the natural balance be restored? Hmm, for those answers, you'll have to watch!

This film is like catnip for disenfranchised teens, but it's pretty entertaining viewing for those who just enjoy a supernatural thrill. The Craft is no deep and meaningful journey and there's no mystical/religious semiplot (like Stigmata for example) to complicate the popcorn value. Plus there is a nice patchouli scented soundtrack featuring, for starters, How Soon Is Now, which seems to crop up in every spooky film/tv series going!

This is recommended dark, lonely night viewing!

Rating: 5:
Excellent : I saw this film at the cinema when I was 12, and since then have been fascinated by witchcraft and wicca. This film is definitely not your usual American high school drivel. A brilliant cast (especially Nancy, aka Fairuza Balk) make this film intreging, dark and captivating. The writer obviously did extensive research in the area prior to making the film, making the depictions accurate unlike other witchcraft films.

Rating: 5:
fantastic : i watched this film ages ago and thought its well worth buying the dvd.it has something original and somthing that most films today lack and thats a good plot,so grab the girls round and grab some popcorn because this isnt like most american teen drivel you see being produced today BUY BUY BUY,its quite a dark witch film with some good sfx i love it and you should too

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