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The Entity [1982] - 2.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 3:
Dated, old stuff : I purchased this dvd on the reviews of others. It was a big let down. Though I am sure the movie was scarey in its day, it is now hard to stay awake watching it. The storyline though quick to start slows to snail pace for the rest of the movie. Special effects are limited and of poor quality. I did not find this movie scarey in any way!! If you want an old style movie that gives you good suspense music then this is okay but if you want a movie with a bit more scare,suspense and tension then opt for an Alfred Hitchcock such as 'The Birds'.

Rating: 5:
80'S CLASSIC... : Another true story of dubious authenticity, The Entity concerns a libidinous invisible presence. This unseen force repeatedly rapes poor Barbara Hershey, who can't get anyone to believe her stories of sexual assault. Frankly, she doesn't believe them herself until she undergoes therapy conducted by experts in both psychology and the supernatural. The entity, a great, hairy blob, is ultimately tricked into materializing, an act of revelation that proves to be its downfall. Adapted by Frank de Felitta from his own novel, The Entity is a classic horror of the '80s and a must for the collectors of the world..

Rating: 5:
Help!!! : This film managed to do what my parents couldn't -GET ME TO STAY IN BED.
It is horrifying to think that this film was based on real life events surrounding a woman's physical sexual abuse by a ghost.
Well played by Barbara Hershey she made you feel the invisible horror of being raped and attacked by an invisible predator that can't be reasoned with or stopped.
The worst thing about it was that after a failed attempt to capture and stop the apparition the attacks intensified,it makes things even worse.
The film doesn't have a happy ending but it's one that stays with me always.
I won't spoil it for you.
It was enjoyable but in a gut wrenching way.

Rating: 5:
believe what the others are saying : Iv seen it all.All the scary movies that have been made and thought to myself"Jes is this supposed to scare me or make me laugh?" then i saw this ha ha iv never ate my words(or thoughts in this case)so fast in all my life THIS IS THE MOST TERRIFYING
MOVIE EVER MADE!not only is this based on true events but the way its made too its not what you see but what you dont see thats worse and the music especially when the main charicter
is being attacked has yet to be beaten but the part that will leave you awake at night is what the entity says at the end of the film
ohh and for all those whom think spirits attacking you is a load of old rubbish i know people who have been tell them
sweet dreams

Rating: 5:
Very Scary : This has to be one of the scariest movies I have seen (excluding the Exorcist) which I refuse to watch on my own!!!

Its about Carla Moran, who in the seventies, was sexually abused by poltergiest. Its supposedly a true story, but who knows...? Anyway the story is brilliant and so scary in places that it makes the hairs on your next stand out!!! Barbara Hershey plays a great part.

It starts off with Carla being raped in the bathroom by more than one entity. Her boyfriend, who drives trucks, is away often therefore shes alone at nights expect for her two kids. The entity starts following her around and she nearly has an accident whilst driving her car. She seeks medical help but the doctors think she just needs rest.

When finally someone believes her, he turns out to be an expert in poltergeist and their existance and brings in his crew to video all the goings on. I won't say anymore on the storyline otherwise it will spoil the ending which is brilliant. If you are a fan of the paranormal and love tense and scary movies, this is a must.
I think that I have seen this movie at least 5 times and I never get bored!!!

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