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The Indiana Jones Trilogy (Box Set) - 24.97

As with George Lucas's other movie franchise, there's a vein of mysticism running through the Indiana Jones Trilogy. Watching all three back-to-back it's possible to unravel the chronology and chart the spiritual journey of our hero: the idealistic Young Indy ("It belongs in a museum", implores River Phoenix in the opening escapade of The Last Crusade) grows up to become a cynical fortune-hunter seen trading archaeological treasures with Chinese gangsters at club "Obi-Wan" in The Temple of Doom. From there we follow his path to redemption via three mystical religious objects: respectively Hindu (the Shankara stones in Temple of Doom), Jewish (the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders), and Christian (the Holy Grail itself in Last Crusade).

But that's just the subtext. Along the way, this knight-errant archaeologist undertakes improbable adventures (featuring spiders, snakes, rats, insects and Nazis galore), rescues damsels in distress (even when they really don't want to be rescued, such as Kate Capshaw in Temple of Doom), and still finds time to bond with his dad (Sean Connery, in one of cinema's great cameo roles as Dr Jones Sr.)

Steven Spielberg revels in Lucas's recreation of 1930s cliff-hanger serials, infusing every scene with kinetic energy and infectious enthusiasm and creating any number of iconic sequences that have become touchstones of cinematic history. Director and producer are more than ably assisted by regular composer John Williams, whose swashbuckling Korngold-inspired "Raiders" theme casts Harrison Ford as a modern-day Errol Flynn. Although a fourth movie is promised, this trilogy plays like a self-contained whole that leaves nothing wanting: from the witty dialogue and breathtaking action choreography to the near-perfect casting, this is popular movie-making at its very peak.

On the DVD: The Indiana Jones Trilogy four-disc box set, as has been widely noted, contains the slightly edited version of The Temple of Doom--1 min 6 seconds of cuts according to the BBFC--though this is exactly the same version that was originally shown in UK cinemas and released on video (missing is a bit of extra blood and gore during the heart-ripping scene). By way of compensation, the digitally remastered anamorphic 2.35:1 picture and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound for all three movies are joyfully impressive, the screen crammed full of colour and rich detail accompanied by one of Hollywood's most glorious soundtracks. The fourth bonus disc contains about three hours of additional material, most of which can be found in the new 127-minute documentary that takes the viewer chronologically through the making of the series and includes plenty of interviews and fascinating nuggets of background information. There are also independent featurettes "From the Lucasfilm Archives" on John Williams's music, the sound design, stuntwork and the special effects. There are subtitles in various European languages. --Mark Walker

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 3:
Dr jones. : Raider's is so much fun,so well made ,designed,acted,scored but mainly directed that it produce's instant affection and loyalty.
The main idea/character is so perfect that like Bond he immeadiatly lives in our imagination's.All this loyalty on the viewer's part disguises the fact that except for the music, Temple and Grail ( some quite brilliant set pieces aside )are not very good.
Raider's has genuine class,and I'll bet that if you buy this trilogy you will only watch Temple and Grail once but Raider's often.Alternatively just get RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK if you can.( For some reason the films are unavailable individually).

Rating: 5:
BE UR VERY OWN INDIANA JONES & WHIP THIS ONE UP!!! : A classic Saturday Matinee style trilogy that has something for all the family. Raiders of the Lost Ark is without doubt the stronger of the three films, George Lucas and Steven Speilberg losing the plot a little with the more child friendly Temple of Doom before getting back on track with the thoroughly entertaining Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Extras on DVD weighing in a massive 184 minutes of interesting material a film geeks dream =) The transfer quality is excellent as is the new Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, shame there is no DTS soundtrack though. but thats dowN to personal preference, If you are a fan of this genre movie it would be a crime not to own the Indiana Jones Trilogy Boxed Set, as it is worth it's weight in Ancient Inca gold...

Rating: 5:
Fun, fun,fun... : Why you are reading this? You should be watching these movies! I've been wathching movies for 25 years with great interest and there's no films that are this much entertaining fun - okay, maybe a few, but not many. There's a very good reason, why these films are considered classics. Indy's are made with great craftmanship and fun attitude.
Well, these may not be "art" like the films of Fellini or Bergman and I'm not saying that these film are "better" than best works of Kurosawa etc. (because these are not!), but this is one of the main reasons why we have a cinema for. To entertain people. To uplift our spirits, when we are feeling down or just plain to have a good time -there's really nothing wrong with that!. If you are looking for answers for meaning of life, watch some other films, nothing wrong with that either. But with Indy, you can just take a ride with again and again, because they are truly worth it.

This box set is the way to have them. Picture and sound quality are superb and the extra disc is fun for all the fans of these series. The quality of the films is of course high. All three films are made with same passion and style. Everybody has there own favourite (mine for some reason is "The Temple of Doom") but if you like one of them, you probably like all of them.

Rating: 5:
hello here : it looks like i cant buy Raiders of the lost ark on its todd,darn. must one really fork out for a box set? the second one is so daft and screamy and cloying, and the third one is populated by confused people trying to remember /forget what they were like in the first one, i could have told them but they didnt ask( they chose poorly), ah well if one must buy the box set to see the marvellous Ronald Lacey ,Karen Allen, Curt Affair and so on ..one must.Perhaps Steve is tweaking it with George for a thx'd version featuring old wheezy fingers on a Taunton and digital hitlers delivering angry speeches via colossal flying projectors. apparently David Dickinson has been approached for a digitally rendered cameo, im told he will be to the left of belloc at the ark opening screaming -" Behold Bargaiin Huuntteeeeeers" and then explode into a billion tan shards...." dont look at it Marion" .ooer.

Rating: 5:
The Big Review : Ill keep this short and sweet! Indiana Jones one of the greatest trilogies ever made! i love Harrison Ford, and i saw ths film at a young age and i have loved it ever since! After i have watched the trilogy recently i found the 1st and 3rd films are a definate 5star rating!! Excellent! But, the 2nd temple of doom was a 3star rating, i was disapointed as i watched raiders 1st and i was blown away, this one didnt blow me away! but on a positive review it was fun, the little chinese boy is annoying though, i think he's from the goonies! another great film!

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