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The Investigator [1998] (REGION 1) (NTSC) -

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 4:
don't ask, don't tell : Based on a true story from not too long ago The Investigator is about a time in the British forces when being a homosexual was banned and had serious repercussions.
Sgt Meagher is in the military police and gets recruited into tracking down lesbians for court martial and dismissal. Things take a twist for the Sgt when she starts to discover her own orientation. She eventually gets reported and taken in for questioning. The movie is really a series of flashbacks while she is in the interrogation room.

It's amazing how much time, man-power and resources were used on finding these women. A very emotive film as you see how these women who were willing to fight for queen and country were treated. Every aspect of their love lives had to be a closely gaurded secret - phone calls, mail, bedrooms and lockers were all fair game.

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