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The Lost Boys (2 Disc Special Edition) [1987] - 4.97

This 1987 thriller was a predictable hit with the teen audience it worked overtime to attract. Like most of director Joel Schumacher's films, it's conspicuously designed to push the right marketing and demographic buttons and, granted, there's some pretty cool stuff going on here and there. Take Kiefer Sutherland, for instance. In Stand by Me he played a memorable bully, but here he goes one step further as a memorable bully vampire who leads a tribe of teenage vampires on their nocturnal spree of bloodsucking havoc. Jason Patric plays the new guy in town, who quickly attracts a lovely girlfriend (Jami Gertz), only to find that she might be recruiting him into the vampire fold. The movie gets sillier as it goes along, and resorts to a routine action-movie showdown, but it's a visual knockout (featuring great cinematography by Michael Chapman) and boasts a cast that's eminently able (pardon the pun) to sink their teeth into the best parts of an uneven screenplay. --Jeff Shannon

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Good Times : A classic for us 30 somethings. great film and the soundtrack is quite good. if you haven't watched it. WHY NOT ?? this is a classic and one of my all time favs. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman great actors who havent had the recognition as the likes of johnny depp have had.

Rating: 5:
'Pray that you never need to call us!' : There seems to be two camps on this. One for 'Near Dark' another 80's Vamp flick and one for the supposed more Hollywood version that is 'The Lost Boys'. Well I've seen both and I'm gonna have to side with the Lost Boys. The film takes place in the city of Santa Carla where a newly divorced mother (Dianne Wiest) brings her two sons to stay with her father. Soon the eldest son Micheal (Jason Patric) gets a bit of a thing for gypsy style vampire Star who gets him all vamped up and intiated into bad-ass biker vampire gang. His little brother Sam (Corey Fieldman) now has to help save his brother from the gang with the help of the fantastic Frogg brothers. This really is a fantastic film. After the first five miutes you forget that it is pretty dated now. And only the almighty Kiefer Sutherland could make the 80's that sexy. It's vampire movies at their best and the brilliant monologue between Fieldman and Corey Haim is comedy classic. A perfect all rounder with an shoulder-padded, big haired soudtrack. Excellent!!!

Rating: 5:
Absolute classic! : I type this listening to the soundtrack, which is every bit as good as, if not better than, the film! You don't need to be a vampire fan to like this movie - I'm not, but still believe it to be one of the best films of the 80s. Keifer Sutherland is class as the boss vampire, while Corey Haim is very good at playing the typical bratster - if you saw the goonies, you'll know what I mean. Everyone should have this in their collection and it should be compulsory to play the soundtrack in every workplace.

Rating: 5:
An Original Flesh Eating Frenzie! : This is one of few films that keep the eighties flowing through the generations of today's society, it combines the most memorable elements from the eighties; dark yet wonderfully addictive tunes, fresh young talent, dark humour and...vampires!

Joel Schumacher has made a horror flick with more compelling style than your average satanic bloodbath, horror films of today are beggining to feel sadly, repetitive:teen actors who have never before ventured into the public eye, lusting for fame and fortune, getting slaughterd in the most horrific and unhumaine ways,as blood clashes against your screens,you suddenly realise, you actually don't care what happens to these fresh young faces, audiences everywhere are numbed by a local town massacre with no STORY!
Joel Schumacher uses genuinely unique talent from faces the public wants to see and critics crave upon, these are no one hit wonders:Kiefer Sutherland,Corey Haim, Corey feldman,Jason Patric,Dianne West and many more who each have a tasty reputation in the evergrowing business, each character contributes an interesting, cool and sometimes humouros aspect to their role, (especially Kiether Sutherland who plays a flesh hungry vampire; he uses his skillful acting talent to make you like him even though he has a devilish nature)consequently you begin to form a bond with the characters and you genuinley fear for their life, laugh at their comments, become affected by their actions, when a film has that affect on the audience you know the film has serious potential.

Also, this is not just a horror film,it is a reflection on life to a certain extent and expresses the most significant of human quality's e.g. friendship, courage, more specifically:'truth,justice and the american way'.
Humour also is a key role in the film, this is a nice touch to an already inspirational achievement as it adds fun to to the violence and awards the film with plenty of reply value, I believe many films of today in all generas have been inspired by this cult classic...

pick up a copy and get your fangs into this treat!

Rating: 5:
An 80`s Classic : I remember seeing this at the cinema all those years ago. I didn`t have a clue what it was about but had been dragged along for a Saturday night out by my mates. I remember asking "So what`s this film about then" "well" came the reply "it`s about Vampires....." Before i could argue the queue had moved forward & i found myself inside the ticket office & on into the cinema....2 hrs later i came out with a big grin on my face & me & my mates rolling round the floor laughing at "The Frog Brothers" & i`ve been a fan ever since. This film is typical of the times it comes from. It`s full of great music espiecially the "Cry Little Sister" theme song, It`s choca Bloc full of stunts & action, It`s got a great sense of style including some great fashions, Alex Winters Jacket looks so cool it`s unbelievable even today. The acting is 1st class, & there`s a great sense of humour running through it. It has that "Positive" 80`s vibe running through it were we all believed anything was possible & the good guys always won. It`s a great film & well worth the purchase price just for the film alone but this is a special 2 disc set which makes it doubly worth getting. There is a selection of short`sh documentaries on disc 2 containing interviews with many of the cast including Kiefer Sutherland on the set of 24. I`d have prefered the documentaries to have been longer but hey there good so at least it`s interesting. If your a fan or you`ve heard lots about this film then this is highly recommended.

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