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The Lover's Guide - Satisfaction Guaranteed - 8.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 4:
Informative : Saw this Dvd recently after storing it away for a while and tried one of the oral techniques on my girlfriend and was able to give her a strong orgasam fairly rapidly! You can feel a bit patronised watching these kind of instructional videos as if you ought to know this stuff but Tracey has a very human quality to her presentation that makes you persevere!

Rating: 4:
An all round perspective on how to improve your love life : All in all this DVD was incredibly useful and informative. It contains all the key aspects to improving one's love life as well as nutritional and self esteem advice. I found the information easy to understand and included advice on the emotional aspects of love making. I would definately recommend renting/buying this DVD as it is a sure way to improve your love life and leave a deep lasting impact and many interesting ideas to think over and practice.

Rating: 2:
Nice, but not exactly staggering : I guess this is for long term couples where one person is need of subtley suggesting to their loved one, the basics of loving, nothing beyond taking care and attention of one's loved one and enjoying it. There are 'seven steps to success'. It did help to remind one to love and enjoy oneself first then share that with another, but otherwise it was not exactly pushing the bounds of the imagination. A sightly erotic let down.....

Rating: 5:
Love this lovers guide! : Having never seen one of this series before I wasn't sure what to expect - but I loved this Lovers Guide - it's got a really modern, sexy but approachable feel. The content is good too - and relevant if you're single or in a couple - it's not just about sex itself but the whole package of getting together, getting down to it and getting on with someone. Tracey Cox is great - you feel like you trust her advice. I do agree with the other reviewers there are a couple of really explicit moments - but I think overall this is 5 stars - it really made me think differently, and gave me confidence to try stuff with my boyfriend I wouldn't otherwise have done (he may be writing his own review!!)

Rating: 4:
Better Sex? Yes please. : My boyfriend bought this prior to Valentines Day. Let's just say that I was v.sceptical!But Tracey Cox is fantastic (she's the one from C4's Sex Inspectors)and came across as a trusted best friend who isn't afraid to confront you with relationship home truths (60% of women have difficulties with their orgasms)She then goes through 7 areas that can really put the passion back into your relationship.
So I took responsibility for my own pleasure (blaming my man didn't change him - but talking did!) and after 4 years together we now talk more about our relationship and sex life than ever before (we now feel like naughty school kids).

I rate this 4* because although not cringey it is explicit. However-anyone who wants to have better sex, more orgasms and a stronger relationship should watch it :-)

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