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The Lovers' Guide To Sexual Positions [2002] - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
what position??? : This dvd is mind blowing, watched it when my girl friend was at work and couldnt waite to show her the positions and try it out for myself!!
Good stuff would highly recommend!!

Although do agree with one of the other reviews that it good of spent more time on some of the positions as they are truly mind blowing, do both ya selves a favour and get it!!

Rating: 4:
Not bad compared to some of the competition... : We have watched most of the LG series now and they are certainly better than the US offerings most of the time. The unconvincing commentary is still there for censorship reasons and you can feel the weight of the censor constantly snipping at the potentially erotic content. However, this is a comparatively brave attempt and it was interesting to see anal sex portrayed as just another 'advanced' technique as part of both foreplay and the big event. For men too. The problem is that there isn't enough time given to explaining the details and the video feels like a series of trailers for a more detailed study. Too much is packed into the time available and too much is edited out. Why not see penetration for each position? They all look so effortless when only a few seconds are shown, but in reality it takes time to get into the reverse-lotus-anal-cowgirl position or whatever it is. And you probably can't have an orgasm using many of the positions. If we are wrong - prove it and show us!
Maybe we are too critical, as this does feel like a small step forward and at least we don't get hours of relationship advice thrown in this time. We're quite happily married, thanks. All we need is some explicit (i.e. informative) sex tips. This comes close, but still leaves many questions unanswered. We don't think we'll be pushing that back door open just yet.

Rating: 3:
Mute! : A not bad DVD, however personally i found some of the commentary rather cringing, mainly the comments from supposed real life couples. On the whole a modern and interesting DVD, my other half seemed to like it anyway!

Rating: 2:
about as sexy as a wet lettuce : I don't know what many of the other reviewers are used to watching but I found this DVD clinical beyond belief. There is no atmosphere, no conversation with the couples as to what things felt like etc so no feedback. Just a barrage of positions run through in a very matter of fact way. In the extras it is even clear the "actors" are simply assuming a pose and not actually making love at all. Some people have written this DVD turned them on - blimey, if it does it for you then you and your partner are easily pleased.
On a positive note, it did suggest a few interesting positions, which I suppose is what it says on the tin, however previous reviews had led me to believe it was also erotic and something fun to watch with your other half to spice things up - no way, wish I could find something with real people trying stuff out for real, and talking about it afterwards, now that would be good.

Rating: 4:
Informative and explicit! : This DVD was more explicit than expected, but not in a crude, porn-film way. The couples looked like ordinary couples rather than glamorous models and the commentary was helpful, with a humorous edge. The only down-side was that some of the positions that were demonstrated rely on the man being particularly well-endowed, so don't rent or buy this if you're a man with an inferiority complex!

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