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The Rolling Stones - The Biggest Bang [2007] - 29.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
They've still got it : The Rolling Stones follow up the Bigger Bang tour with a great DVD set. Taking more than a hint from the format of Four Flicks you get two full concerts (Austin Texas and Rio), several documentaries and selected songs from several other concerts across four DVDs.

For the first time on DVD the Rolling Stones have great sound quality. At last they have a DTS sound track with clarity and separation of the instruments and less crowd noise.

In terms of performance, it is in keeping with all that you'd hope. These guys defy their ages and Mick Jagger probably does little aside from workout to be in top shape his energetic performances at these concerts.

Good quality packaging as well, a real addition to any collection.

Rating: 5:
Bones Keep Strollin : After a wet Sheffield gig last year i thought i`d treat myself to this..i wasnt disappointed but wouldnt a compilation of gigs from around the world be better....not as good as Four Flicks but good all the same

Rating: 3:
Biggest Bang? No, Biggest Disappointment : Ok, these ARE the Rolling Stones so we expect so much more from them than almost any other artist and this IS an impressive DVD of their Austin and Rio performances. There are also brief forays into the China trip, which is acceptable enough but NO ENGLISH footage whatsoever! The Rio performance I can accept being included on the discs, it was a one-off and a heck of a spectacle to boot. What I would have preferred would be for there to be a US version and a European version with at least some coverage of a UK concert - Twickenham or Glasgow would be good and I don't really see why this could not have been done.

That gripe aside (and I did see them in a very wet Sheffield), on all other levels this is a workmanlike DVD of a band who just seem to get better; especially on the blues numbers. The occasional glitch, as on JJF on disc 2 can be put down to Keefs nerves or excitement; Mick's voice is fading now and IMHO is better suited to the more bluesy numbers of which Back of My Hand gets an airing - and a very funny ad hoc bit of banter from Mick. On first viewing, I noted that there is rather a lot of vocal overdubbing on this DVD, which I am not in favour of, I like to hear it as it was... I also thought the documentary on side 3 was not really a documentary of how it all came together at all despite the interesting section on the Superbowl stage; so in itself I didn't feel any better informed about proceedings at all. Sleeve liner notes were little more than a list of the contents so didn't really add very much to the overall experience at all.

Here is a fantastic band who truly are the biggest in the rock world at the moment and who could have produced a far, far better dvd package than this overall. If you saw the stones on this tour then it is a difficult choice - you may want to buy it as a memento - or because you are a completist.

For my own part, I much prefer the Live Licks box set and the Live at the Max dvd is also a great snapshot of the live show, albeit that BW was still with the band all those years ago.

Alternatively, buy none of these and put the money towards a ticket to their next show - money far better spent.

(If this wasn't the Rolling Stones, then it would have scored 5!)

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