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The Sopranos: HBO Season 6 (Part 1) - 29.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
HELP! : Hello!
I am a big fan of Sopranos. I live in Brazil and the season 6 hasn't been released yet.
I would like to know from anyone that bought it if this pack (season 6 - part 1) has "portuguese" subtitle!

Rating: 3:
1/2 the value, 1/2 the plot : As said before this is only the first half of the season and should have been entitled 'Season 6: Volume 1' or something like that. Im speculating but the impression you get from the packaging of the box is that they never intended to finish series 6 until they saw the dvd sales figures.

There are still pluses to buying this - you're still getting 12 episodes of the final series of the best drama ever produced. The plot twists in this series reach 'desperate housewives' proportions but the characters reactions to every scenario look and stay real and all of the scenarios are still feasible mafia issues.

Bottom Line: There are other box sets you can get for the same price and get a full series ('24' etc.) so wait for a price cut or the full 24 episode box set. Both halves of this season are phenominal and with completely different atmospheres and tensions to the point where they almost feel seperate but not priced seperately :P

Rating: 5:
Made In America : Got my DVD's from Amazon today and watched them back to back. I'm a major Sopranos fan. I can even quote chapter and verse from dialogue, cast lists, themes and references that run beyond the show...I'm that sad. So do I think that last series is good? Yes I do. Watching it again has sent shivers down my spine.

What sets this apart is the maturity and surefootedness of the writing and performances. What this series does is drive home the points meticulously set-up through 1 to 5. Tony's life is one of lying, `mayham' and murder. There is no escape from that once it has been set in motion and there are no easy answers and no comfortable conclusions.

I have to say that thanks to a friend in the `States I've seen the Sopranos 6 right through to the end - not just the first 12 out of 21 presented in this box-set. Although there has been static about the ending from critics who should know better, I was directly reminded of Kubrick's `Barry Lyndon' - another masterpiece that concludes obliquely. I suppose that disappointed people who like putting their CD's in alphabetical order or whatever.

What you have here are 12 episodes of the best TV show ever made. They are also the some of best from that show and that's incredible. I would only suggest that you go and buy the first 5 series before watching them. Otherwise it's like skipping to the end of `The Great Gatsby' and wondering what all the fuss was all about.

Rating: 5:
Absolutely Outstanding : The final series opens with the observation that, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public". Fortunately, The Sopranos proves to be the exception to the rule. Everything about the Sopranos--the acting, directing, writing, casting, cinematography, even the set dressing--is perfectly thought out and executed. This may be the beginning of the end but the show is going out in style.

Rating: 5:
Still excellent viewing as usual. : The Sopranos in my view is one of the few shows (especially these days, most TV is rubbish 95% of it) that really does live up to the hype. The show is close to perfect, the acting scripts and storylines are spot on. I am yet to watch a season of The Sopranos which I thought was bad. Season 6 has had complaints from fans but to me this is still top quality although the Vito storyline was odd I have to admit. The main difference is that very few people get killed in this season but I don't feel it ruined this Season at all.

As fans will know The Sopranos unfortunately comes to a close for good with the 9 final episodes which are currently showing in the U.S. The UK will see these episodes later this year my bet in the Autumn on E4 then probably next year on Channel 4 if you don't have Cable or Sky TV. A possiblity of a Sopranos movie has been mentioned by David Chase as well so we'll see.

I am holding out for a sure to be released collector's boxset of the entire series of The Sopranos with piles of extras.

I am not a hardcore fan of this show but I couldn't really complain with this season it was addictive to watch right until the end just like the others.

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