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Them [2006] - 10.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 3:
Ok : The tension and suspense in this film are great and you can see bits of it have been inspired by The Blair Witch, Hostel, Texas and a few other horrors. Trouble with this film is the ending. Very disappointing indeed. It just made me wonder how this couple were so useless...

Rating: 3:
The tension doesn't let up- is that a good thing? : I have to admit that my enjoyment, if that's the right word, of this film was hampered as I read a review on this page which gave away far too much prior to watching the film. I won't say what, for fear of spoiling it for others, but it is a worthwhile twist that makes the film. It also means you won't necessarily want to watch it again.

This is certainly a clever film and the tension builds effectively. For that, I will give it three stars. I can't say that I particularly liked it though. In some ways, it's thoroughly nasty and I had to watch an episode of friends to cheer myself up! There have been several films with similar plot lines in recent years and I felt it was almost too much of an overload. It's not particularly pleasant watching a perfectly nice couple being hunted. Watch this film if you want to be scared- it certainly does that, but don't expect to feel particularly good either!

Rating: 3:
Disturbing! : A Great little film which keeps the suspense up throughtout its brief running time and the end makes it all the more disturbing once you find out who ''them'' are and that its based on real events. Bear in mind, if you're after the usual Hollywood horror flick then you might be dissapointed. This film is ultra low-budget with only 2 main actors on screen for most of the time...and it has subtitles since it was made in Romania. However, the suspense is excellent and you cant help but feel sorry for the couple who get terrorised by ''them''. The only reason why i gave this only 3 stars is because it has virtually zero replay value. I cant really see this as entertainment and once you find out tho ''them'' are, it's unlikely you'll want to watch the film again. I advise to rent before you buy.

p.s. One or more reviews here contain major spoilers which really ruin the film for first time viewers.

Rating: 1:
Rubbish : Not at all a scary movie and it is obvious who 'THEM' are from the start. Blair Witch is a far better film of the same concept. Now who do I call to get an ASBO against some stupid kids in hoodies!

Rating: 3:
the acting is great but the story is misleading : The acting in this film is great, but with the title "them" well, I expected some real horror, but and no spoilers here...... but when I did find out who them are, and how the "scary" noises were made it was very disappointing.

There seemed to be a lot of confusion about who "them" were, as when the couple fought back, and "them" were hurt, but at the end when you know who "them" are, they seem unhurt, then you get the "based on true events..." come up on screen.

So, interesting, but if you want real horror, yes, watch in the dark, but preapare for bitter disappointment

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