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Thoroughly Modern Millie [1967] - 4.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Millie: forerunner to the "ladette" : Millie moved to New York with a plan. She was going to interview a list of potential bosses, accept employment with the most promising specimen and marry him. Love was not meant to be an issue. Things didn't go entirely to plan however. Her chosen boss, Mr Graydon, called her John and found her jolly efficient but not attractive. The man who did find her attractive, Jimmy, appeared to be a hopeless waster with no interesting prospects. Still, Millie was pretty smitten with Jimmy. He was a great dancer and made every moment an adventure. So she was quite straight with him and told him of her plans, pointed out that she was his equal and intended to meet men on their own terms, learn to talk sports, tell jokes, smoke, drink and (if she really had to) even kiss them back. After all it wasn't the middle ages, it was 1922! Meanwhile, there was shady criminal activity taking place in the hotel for single young ladies where Millie was living. Those young ladies who seemed to be lonely orphans, kept mysteriously leaving the hotel without a word of explanation or farewell to any of their friends. The final disappearance, of Miss Dorothy, finally rang alarm bells so Millie, Jimmy and Mr Graydon (who had fallen in love with Miss Dorothy at first sight) became sleuths and launched a dramatic and heroic rescue operation. It's all a lot more complicated than that really - but you get the idea.

It's a fantastic film. Fabulous costumes, music, songs, dancing and acting. Good story: sweet, funny, touching. Likely to be watched again and again. Bound to cheer you up if ever you're feeling blue. I recommend it.

Rating: 5:
Thouroughly spiffing! : Omg i love this movie! Yes i am a biased Julie Andrews fan, but i have occasionaly forced some of my friends to watch this with me and theyve thourougly enjoyed it too. Julie Andrews is Millie Dilmount,in this romantic spoof, a 'hard' modern living in a hotel for young ladies, determined to find the perfect gentleman.She is smitten with her boss, the handsome Trevor Graydon until he finds love with her best friend the sweet Miss Dorothy. Millie has lost her heart to goofy paperclip salesman Jimmy, but is afraid he is having an affair with Miss Dorothy. The one day Dorothy disapears, and Trevor, Jimmy and Millie have to soleve the mystery that Mrs Meers, the eccentric housmother (I'll bet its juicyyyy) has been selling Orphaned girls into white slavery. Nutty Jazz baby Muzzy is one of the highlights of this movie, and plays an important part in it (although i cant tell you why without spoiling the ending!

Of course tyhe music is fabulous too, and Julie Andrews is ''Swell, Just swell'' even if you dont Like musicals this film is utterly enjoyable for everyone!

Rating: 5:
I love this movie : I think this is great!!If you like a musical that makes you laugh out loud and some off the wall characters buy this.

Rating: 5:
Thoroughly Modern Millie : This is a spectacular musical production starring Julie Andrews as an eager young Millie Dillmount. She arrives in New York City in the 1920's seeking a secretarial job for a rich, handsome eligible boss. She decides to have her hair 'bobbed' to match the fashion of the time and even buys new clothes and beads. Millie checks into a women's hotel, run by Mrs Meers (an excellent character played by Beatrice Lillie), who also runs a white slavery ring, she meets the beautiful, naive Miss Dorothy (Mary Tyler Moore). Millie does suceed in getting her job with a very handsome boss, Trevor Graydon (John Gavin), but he only has 'eyes' for Miss Dorothy. Millie is therefore forced to do with Jimmy Smith (James Fox), a paper-clip salesman. They attend a party at the Long Island estate of the wealthy Muzzy van Hossmere (Carol Channing). Millie finds that Miss Dorothy has disappeared! When she and Jimmy detect the scent of opium in Mrs Meers's room, they realise she has a sideline. The valiant Jimmy must go in drag to uncover the whereabouts of the white slavers' hideout......Listen out for the 'Oh pook', 'sad to be all alone in the world' and 'shoe show', a catchphrase that will last forever!
The cast and crew perform admiraly in this light farce that is almost too sweet for its own good!
A must-see movie for all ages.

Rating: 5:
Throughly Modern Millie : Arrived on time in excellent condition

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